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Live Blog Let's Play Final Fantasy III
rockmanx2012-09-23 04:17:35

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Hey there, tropers. Welcome to my humble liveblog, where today, I will do a Let's Play of a not so well-known installment from a popular franchise called Final Fantasy.

Today, I'm doing the NES/Famicom version with the fan translation. And because I do not own a DS, sadly.

Our story begins with the usual blue screen, giving us a prelude of the story.

The Gurgan quietly spoke...

"This earthquake is but an omen. The tremors that pulled the crystals into the earth and brought forth monsters are nothing compared to the Darkness which is to come..."

"But, hope is not yet lost. Four souls will take up the quest of the Light."

"And so it begins..."

So, basically there's these four little tykes who one day, go off into the caves to explore, not knowing what dangers lie within. Ah, kids these days...

For the sake of nostalgia, I have decided to name these nameless Onion Knights after RPG characters. Their names are: Bartz, Cecil, Aeris, and Vivi.

And I know they have names in the DS version, but I'm not playing it, am I?

With that out of the way, let's go check on our heroes.

Vivi: "Ouch!"

Aeris: "We've fallen into a pit!"

Bartz: "Shucks!"

The gang decides to take a look around, before speaking again. Unlike the Heroic Mimes of Final Fantasy I, they can speak.

Vivi: "Are we going to be alright in a place like this?"

Bartz: "Hey! It was your idea to come here!"

Cecil: "Hey, if you've got time to fight, you've got time to look for a way out!"

You're always the voice of reason, Cecil.

The kids stop bickering and decide to go forward when all of a sudden, they're attacked by some evil force. But thankfully, the kids came prepared and start kicking some monster butt.

Aeris: "What were those...?"

Vivi: "Oh, man..."

Bartz: "What are we gonna do now?"

Oh, stop whining. You've got weapons and there's nothing to fear. At least you aren't chased by knights from an evil empire or something.

So, the heroes hack their way through the cave monsters, getting some Potions, leather shields, and some items that cast an ice spell in battle.

At last, our heroes reach the crystal room, suddenly struck in awe of the shiny stone of power. But, unfortunately, they're attacked by an evil force in form of a turtle!

Land Turtle: "You whelpings, I will not allow you reach that- Hey, what is that- AAAAGH! The cold! IT BURNS!"

After that, the crystal speaks to the Onion Kids and tells them that they are Light Warriors and it has chosen them to save the world from a deadly evil that threatens to engulf their world. It shines its light upon them...

And we gain Job Classes as a result.

Ok, we've got all five new classes, some of which may be familiar to those who've played FF1. They are: Figther (aka Warrior), Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Red Mage. And unlike FF1, you can change jobs at will. But only at the cost of CP, or capacity points. Also, you have to remove your equipment to change into a job.

Next time: The town of Ur, Potions in wells, Free room and board, and a haunted town!

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