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Live Blog Let's Finish All These Old PS1 Games!
ThisismyUsername2012-01-22 14:05:14

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Hey all. Let's not waste time and get right down to buisness.

My favorite console of all time is the original Play Station. It had one of the widest selection of games from every genre imaginable. These games were cutting edge, yet imperfect, and somehow that combination made most of the best games of all time. Games like Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Chrono Cross, and Crash Bandicoot were all first seen on this marvel of a machine. Whenever I see a PS 1 game for sale, and I have the mullah, I pick it up. The thing is, you don't often see PS 1 games for sale as much as you used to, and a rushed move about seven years ago resulted in almost my entire childhood collection of great PS 1 titles to be lost to the ether. Or the garbage. Or some random person who found or stole them. Either way, I now have only a handful of PS 1 games left. I'm slowly rebuilding my collection (and adding some new games to it) through the PSN, but times are tough, so I have to make due with getting two or three physical PS 1 games a year.

That said, the games that did survive are some of the best the console had to offer, and despite my eternal love for the system, there are still a great many of them I've never finished. So, embark with me on a journey, as I attempt to play every PS 1 game I have, but haven't beaten, to it's (hopefully) exciting conclusions, in chronological order of release!

I don't know how often this will be updated, but know that I WILL finish it. Even if it takes four years to do so and there's only one post every other month.

We begin with an obscure fighting game with a big name character designer, known as Tobal...


Jan 23rd 2012 at 1:46:07 AM
Ooh! Tobal! Heard about this one. Shame that No. 2 didn't make it over - it would've been awesome to stomp your opponents with a Chocobo. XD