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Live Blog Let's Read This Crud Again! Blue Shadows MSTing (for real this time!)
sanityisoverrated2012-01-15 15:31:40

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It Begins...AGAIN...

Hey all! I'm back again and I deeply apologise for both my absence and my horrible method of thinking. What I mean is the fact that I've been going 'let's do something about THIS *post intro* fuck, now what? Um...damn I can't think of how to do this now...I'm just going to ignore it's existence.' It's terrible, I know and I'm putting more effort into planning now so my next new idea to conincide with this will be done better I promise. Just like I promised to read Conor T. Hedgehog's, let's re-do Blue Shadows - and do it properly this time!


A Conor T. Hedgehog story

All rights to Sega and Sonic team while Conor and non-characters belong to me while Brad and Tammy belong to Yoshi 2.1 and Brad159357.

Non-characters...seriously, dude, what the hell does that mean?

Prologue 15 years ago

Will you marry me?These words rang through Fiona's ear she clutched the ring Conor put into her hand as he slowly died she stood with others at his funeral.

She stood beside Rouge and Sonic. Everyone was in black the girls and guys all stood as Conors coffin passed by.

His coffin being infused by magical powers that allow it to float since it's never described that anyone holds the bloddy thing.

Mina began to sing Ave Maria as Conors coffin was placed at the grave side, after the song Sonic came forward and faced everyone.

Again, probably the only truly in-character person in this series. Very likely to be ruined if Mina ever talks.

Hello I just wanted to say a few words Sonic cleared his throat. Conor was a hedgehog no matter what would come and save anyone without thinking about himself but now many know as a monster who killed hundreds and for 2 months created a wave of terror over mobious but I knew him before all of that and I don't think of him any different from what he was. Sonic took a breath steading his speech. He was my friend and I could even call him brother no matter what he turned and faced Conors coffin. Conor I love you and I always will good bye…Brother.

"Even if you tried to kill me and everyone I've ever known or loved even though I have loads of loved ones who will probably never be in this fic because the author is either lazy or doesn't even remember them."

Sonic turned and then sat down in his seat Fiona slowly stood up.

Hello I just wanted to say that although you may never forgive Conor or myself I want to say I'm sorry and Conor I'll miss you no matter what I do you're the love of my life she wiped a tear before going back to her seat. Everyone walked past the coffin paying their respects finally Rouge, Sonic and Fiona were left. Rouge walked up and blew him a kiss before walking over to the others. Sonic walked up and placed Conors metal arm on the coffin he looked at Conor one more time before joining Rouge. Finally Fiona walked up she held Conors glasses in one hand she kissed them before placing them on his face and then went off by herself.

At least he's too dead to say the retarded "How do I look?" line from LBI.

Hey just saying i'm working on something else it could take a long time but when its doone i'll return to this. Well that's the first chapter done it might take longer to do but I hope everyone will enjoy this. Conor

Onwards! To the next chapter!


A Conor T. Hedgehog story

All rights to Sega and Sonic team while Conor and non-characters belong to me while Brad and Tammy belong to Yoshi 2.1 and Brad159357.

Chapter 1 Back On Earth

Listen to the song Back On Earth by Ozzy Osbourne it helps the atmosphere.(All right to Ozzy and his music company)

STOP SUGGESTING SONGS. Also, STOP NAMING YOUR CHAPTERS AFTER SONGS (like I can talk with the titles of the LBI blog pages, but still)!

Standing in the shadows surrounded by trees stood a girl in a cloak. She slowly exhaled looking out through the trees she knew it was risky she wiped sweat from her head before checking again. She ran out to the grave and looked around the last guard had left his post for the night and headed off home.

She ran out to the grave and took out Conors tie she placed it over his grave and then looked around again before taking out a dark blue chaos emerald and placed it onto of the tie.

I hope this works Fiona said removing the cloak.

The servers are the seven chaos emerald but the 8th was forbidden I call upon you 8th server Fiona said.

"This eigth emerald was never in canon and will probably never be properly explained in the fic's canon!"

Slowly the chaos emerald began to turn Black.

Hear me at the time of black hour and grant him this dark power awake when I say his name… Conor rise again! Fiona shouted the black chaos emerald rose above Conors grave and shot out black electricity into the ground she ran back to a safe distance before the ground exploded and a beam of yellow light fired up into the sky she tried to look and saw a body rise up and then the beam of light turned to black the body shook and turned as shadows repaired Conors body it lasted a minute then his body was thrown to the ground she stood in silence looking at him he slowly looked up.

Rhyming FTW, I guess. I like to think again is said like 'a-GAIN' becasue then in sort of sounds like name, making for further rhyming wackiness.

Back On Earth? Conor lost all strength and collapsed.

Fiona's eyes flooded with tears before running over to him.

Your back she said smiling tears running down onto his face she put the cloak around him before pushing a button on her wrist a car shot out of the woods and parked right beside her she put his body in and climbed in herself it looked as though nothing had happened they sped off into the woods

Ok so I'm back what will happen next? Plus that rhyme thing I did the black hour thing I'm still face palming myself with embarrassment.

I'm face-palming too, but for a completely different reason. Anyway that's it for this update, join me next time! I assure you it will be soon!

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