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Live Blog A Chronicle of Entry Pimping
Pannic2011-12-22 11:25:02

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Hello. If you spend enough time on TV Tropes, you might recognize the Whateley Universe. You might not have read it or looked at it, but you know what it is. At least, you recognize the name.

If you don't know what it is, allow me to elaborate - take X-Men, the Lovecraft Cthulu Mythos, Harry Potter, and throw them all into a blender with a heavy dose of transgender stuff. That's it in a nutshell - you've got a superhero school or mutant academy or whatever the hell they refer to it as set in a universe that's inhabited by Elder Ones, and almost all the protagonists are transgendered in some way. It's a webfiction, meaning that the stories are hosted on some website.

No, I haven't read it. I do not intend to read it. So how do I know about it? For the same reason you do - because someone, whether it's an author or a fan or a small group of them, has been going around TV Tropes and whoring it out. I wonder if it's on the drinking game - take a shot every time an article mentions Whateley. Actually, no, you could probably get alcohol poisoning this way.

And you know something? It's kinda fucking annoying. Not just because someone is whoring out a bunch of shared prose that barely qualifies as more than fan-fiction, but because every entry screams out "look at how delightfully quirky and troperiffic we are."

In any case, my goal with this liveblog is to go around, find articles in which Whateley has been shamelessly pimped, and post them here, possibly with some comments. With a few exceptions, the entries will mostly be chosen as I come across them or remember them, mostly without a set theme. So, yeah, take that as an admission that I'll be doing this as I feel like it.

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