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Live Blog Dungeon Crawling in Ancient Grome; It's SAVAGE WORLDS!
SpaceJawa2011-12-22 21:01:26

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Introducing the Player Character

I know I had a Civilization IV Liveblog that I was supposed to be doing, but long story short, things didn't go as planned, and by the time they were turned the right direction, I wasn't exactly in a position to continue the Live Blog right then and there. But rest assured, that one WILL get started eventually. Assuming the same problem doesn't pop up.

In the meantime, here's an alternative liveblog with a subject that's always entertaining, Tabletop Role Playing Games! Because who doesn't love reading about the ridiculous antics that RPG parties always inevitably get into?

Starting this Thursday; the basic setting is from the Fantasy companion with an Ancient Grome twist, as you might have guessed based on the title of the blog. I don't know the full details yet, but I do know enough that I've been able to create my basic character based on the setting and the basic roles that are filled in the team.

We have a Wizard - who's suggested he may have a vow of offering hospitality to anyone that asks for it (as he described it, we could have a dragon come into camp asking for a place to stay and he'd agree to it) - likely some kind of Minotaur, probably another fantasy creature like centaur, and I think at least one other basic warrior. And then there's my character, the one with the archery skills.

Meet Ariel. Or as her friends call her, Erin.

(Ariel says Hi and waves to you all, BTW)

EDIT: Current as of Chapter II

Novice Human Female Nobel


  • 1) 8d Agility
  • 2) 6d Smarts
  • 3) 6d Spirit
  • 4) 6d Strength
  • 5) 6d Vigor


  • +6 Charisma
  • +6 Pace
  • +5 Parry
  • +5 Toughness


  • 8d Shooting (1)
  • 6d Fighting (1)
  • 4d Throwing (1)
  • 6d Persuasion (3)
  • 6d Streetwise (2)
  • 4d Swimming (1)
  • 4d Riding (1)
  • 4d Climbing (4)
  • 4d Notice (2)
  • 4d Knowledge
  • 4d Knowledge: Literacy (2)


  • Overconfident (Major)
  • Stubborn (Minor)
  • Quirk (Minor - Unusually Upbeat & Cheerful)
  • Heroic (2), Loyal (1) GM Required


  • Attractive
    • Very Attractive
  • Noble

So there you have it. A chick with a variety of skills here and there, knows her way around a bow, and features a buttload of charisma.

[[strike]]Next time, which should be roughly Thursday or Friday, I'll fill you in on more details as I learn full details of the campaign, the setting, and my fellow RP Ger's characters.[[/strike]]

EDIT: Make that NEXT NEXT Thursday/Friday, since the GM had to cancel the first (EDIT:) and second game session(s). :-/

Until then, stay Fast, Furious, and Fun, Folks! :-D


Dec 8th 2011 at 6:59:53 PM
Wouldn't you know it, the GM had to cancel the session this week. Which means update 1 will have to be postponed till next well as well.
Dec 13th 2011 at 8:11:09 PM
I swear I'm not making this up, but it seems the game has been postponed for another week.

It's like I jinxed the game before it even started <___<