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Live Blog I Desperately Hope that I Won't Regret This Purchase
SnowyFoxes2011-11-09 20:38:15

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In Which I Poorly Justify my Decision to Read This Thing

As the title of this liveblog probably made clear, yes. I put down money for the final book of The Inheritance Cycle.

Hey, we need someone to write the world's "How NOT To" guides, and the longer Paolini believes that his work is needed, the more opportunities I have to laugh at him. Alternatively, I could be in some serious pain. And I was impatient to start raging and I have had serious problems with torrenting in the past. Also, I need more stuff on my nook so I can continue not paying attention in chemistry class.

Allow me to describe my experience with the first three books in this series.

Eragon: You tried, man. You just needed some... skill.

On my old account, snowfoxofdeath, I started a liveblog of Eragon. School started and I lost the handle before it could get very far.

Eldest: D:

Brisingr: zzzzz

So excuse me for being skeptical of the quality of Inheritance.

-gulps boiling hot tea-

We may proceed.