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Psyga3152012-01-29 12:01:30

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Part Three: Dice & Movement

When we last left off the liveblog, I did a questionnaire and the result was that I was a Halfling Wizard. Now, weíre here to learn how dice work. And no, ICP, youíre not going to say that line. You know the one.

So anyways, we have our seven dice in hand- Speed through nights with feet in sand... No. Okay, so by now you know that there are seven types of dice, each having a different number of sides. Certain dice are used for certain occasions. The sad part is that they donít work as dice rollers. So Iím sticking to Hamete. There is a game were you give a random hand dice and he rolls it for you, but itís more of a quizzing game, where it tests your knowledge of dice.

Tis a short chapter so I will cover movement now. This game teaches you how to move by having the temple collapse and forcing you to escape it. Training from Hell much? Anyways, you get to pick between Aramil and Regdar, whose only difference is that one moves six spaces and the other moves four. Iíll play the game as Aramil first. The object of the game is to get the key from a treasure chest and escape through a door before the floor crumbles beneath you. You must do this within seven turns. Playing as Aramil was easy due to the six moves, though no matter what, I canít reach the goal in less than four turns, no matter what I did, be it moving diagonally or just straight forward. With Regdar itís hard, as the first time I failed due to not getting the key from the chest. The second time I moved just straight forward, and I escaped with the entire tunnel collapsing. Going diagonally when needed also results in me beating the game with no turns left. Like the dice, itís fixed. I do, however, love that they did that to teach people, though I really did like the idea of different methods to get out, even though they result in the same thing. Ah, back to Deadly Danger Dungeon for me.

Thatís about it for this part, as the grant masterpiece of this site, the demo, is simply a slice of a story. So tune in next time as I take on the demo.

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