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Live Blog hnd03 pretends he's good at video games by drafting some characters in a Fire Emblem game
hnd032011-07-10 19:24:16

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Hello. You're probably reading this because you're either competing against me in the draft for Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Or you're just flipping through some liveblogs. That's cool too.

Anyway, I should explain the rules and stuff. I and a few other, posters in the Fire Emblem thread found out about a challenge run a group could participate in. Each of us would pick teams one character at a time to use in this run similar to a sports team drafting new players.

We would only be allowed to use those who we had recruited in addition to a couple freebies and exceptions. Since we are all playing Hector's story, we all can use Hector and Archsage Athos for the final chapter. Merlinus the storage van is also free.

The exceptions are Matthew the thief whom is usable to pick locks and steal items. Marcus the Paladin is also usable, but only from Chapter 12 through 15, after which he'll be retired.

The ultimate goal is to complete the game in fewer turns than anyone else while doing all the side chapters besides 19XX (a side chapter to a side chapter) and Chapter 23X because Pent steals EXP.

For this run, I will bring Eliwood, Priscilla, Wil, Legault, Heath, and Vaida. I realize that the early game is going to be tough, but I wil persevere.

I'll try to update this on a chapter by chapter basis so stay tuned.

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