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Live Blog Conquering Eurasia, but not My Asia
Five_X2011-07-07 00:18:40

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With my Disgaea Live Blog just one entry away from completion, I've decided to put up the entry for my next series, a live blog of Rome Total War, more specifically the huge total conversion kinda mod for it called Europa Barbarorum, which is totally awesome and you should play it too if you don't already. There are a few things first that I want to mention/ask before I actually start liveblogging this thing:

  • Mentions:
    • There won't be a faction choice; I'm playing as Baktria after a long decision between them and Carthage.
    • My end goal of course is conquering much of the world, since Baktria's faction territory goal is kinda simple and doesn't cover much of the map.
    • I'll be playing on Medium/Medium since last time I played as Baktria it was actually pretty tough with such an odd starting position.
    • I have a mod installed: there's the Megamod, which mainly adds the content and engine changes of the Alexander expansion for RTW, and some other changes including making unit movement distances on the strategy map more realistic, and adding some new traits and ancillaries. In addition I upped the money requirements for corruption to occur in family members since before it was really way to low, what with mid-late game riches and all that. There's honestly not enough stuff to spend money on, and I'm not sending out armies made purely of elites.
    • Finally, there will be some roleplaying/house rules: first off, since Baktria is a monarchy, the ruler must always be of the same family as in the beginning of the game, or else I have to move the capital to wherever the new king is crowned. Second, I will try to roleplay some more notable members of my family, as long as it doesn't interfere too much with my campaign. Third, once I've finished expanding into India, I have to go to war with the Seleukids if I want to expand any more, to portray Baktria splitting from the empire. Fourth and I think finally, if I win a battle by at least a rather good margin and EB crashes, I will allow myself to repeat the battle and use the "auto_win" cheat, unless it was a battle where the AI would win but with stupid/important losses. There may be a few other things, but I'll mention them as they pop up.

  • Suggestions! Give me some in the comments and as long as they're reasonable I'll put them in here and do my best to follow them and whatnot.

I hope you enjoy this liveblog to be! I promise this will actually be a Total War liveblog that actually gets finished.


Jul 7th 2011 at 3:07:12 AM
Aww, I like Carthage.

Not, necessarily, in the game; just historically I like Carthage.
Jul 7th 2011 at 8:18:35 AM
As do I! I would've played Carthage if it weren't for the fact that I play them a lot and I wanted to go back to a Hellenistic faction other than the Seleukids. People totally only play that faction for the ridiculous unit roster. :P