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(Note: This page is not for the literary device, this page is for the troper. If you want the literary device, Black Comedy is the page you are looking for.)

Formerly known as Snake712. I changed it to make it Wiki Words.

Pages I created: (That is, I both started and launched the YKTTW)

Tropes I split:

Tropes I Named:

YKTTWs I Launched:


I'm also at least partially responsible for making the Merges And Splits section of the forums. Whee! (Since been merged into the continually being renamed board currently called Trope Repair Shop)

Oh yeah, and also the edit reason box.

And now, the board named Troper Covens. Though credit to Fast Eddie for, well first of all making all these things in the first place, but second coming up with the name "Troper Covens".


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