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Live Blog Usht's Utopia for Fan Fiction of Questionable Quality
Usht2011-06-17 13:00:14

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Yeah, so this liveblog isn't really going to have much of a structure to it and I'll add to it whenever I feel like it. The purpose of this is to read some not okay fan fiction, MST it from hell and back, and finally leave a few notes on how to improve it when the entire thing is said and done. I'm pretty much willing to read any fan fiction, though you'll notice I have a bias for anime and videogames.

Beyond that, eh, go wild. The fan fics I handle can and will range from worksafe to maximum Lemon, and in the case of Lemons, I'll just put a warning before it. As such, I'm willing to take any recommendations you have, except for the Shakespeare fan fiction because that is creepy shit. However, bare in mind, I'm more than willing to turn them down if they're either too boring or too horrible (definitions of horrible will probably vary). Eh, send it in anyway, it's not like the internet hasn't already corrupted my eyes.

Suggestions can be posted under this installment or privately messaged to me on the forums. Your pick.

Stick around, why don't ya? We got nice cold drinks and a half baked fan fic ready to read right now.

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