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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-02-02 10:30:28

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Part Two: Ready To Go! Count Pooh!

Alright, so to recap, Tyber Zann breaks out of prison, Raiden tells Pooh he has to fight... whatever Dark Nuva is, and Winnie The The Pooh & Phantom Tollbooth (I am so calling it that) properly begins.

According to Word of God, Master Chief was also with Pooh. He will not be in this adventure though, so that is one less person to break the story. However, it would be funny for Master Chief to be blowing up part of Dictionopolis.

Part 2 of 12

So we start off with Milo being bored out of his skull. Uh, do you have a TV? Do you have video games? Do you have anything? You cannot just be bored with nothing to do, kid. He also happens to be home alone. He rants to his friend on how he cannot learn anything and then all of a sudden, he receives a gift.

Letter: For Milo, who has plenty of time.

... I’m not touching it with a ten foot pole. Okay, he pulls a tab and it creates a tollbooth (Oooh, I get it now!) And Tigger pops out of it, as does Piglet, who says that they are glad to meet him. Uh, if I recall correctly, Raiden did not tell you about who you are supposed to help out. He just said “Someone is in trouble somewhere”. Raiden, why must you always word your sentences so vaguely? Remember the “He Must Win” incident? So Tigger congrats Milo as the plot a phonograph tells Tigger that they will take it from here. The phonograph notes that the tollbooth is used for those who never traveled to the lands beyond. Watch it, Milo, dude’s trying to sell you on a suicide cult. Okay, cutting to the chase, the phonograph tells Milo that he has to pick a destination in order to use the tollbooth and Wing Zero tells him to use the map he was given. Wait... Hold the phone. How come Milo doesn’t think for one second, “Cool! Giant (okay, super deformed, but you get my drift) Robots! This is way better than this cheesy tollbooth!” And then he takes Wing Zero and plays with his friends with the robot.

However, we still have ten parts left. So Milo picks Howls Moving Castle In The Sky (Couldn’t resist) and Pooh convinces him to go. Somehow, I feel like Pooh is forcing him to make a deal with him. Hey, Homura, there is another Weasel Mascot you have to shoot. So... Milo is stuck with the choice of staying or going (dude, take the robot and go play) but he decides on going.

Phonograph: If not perfectly satisfied, your wasted time will be refunded.

HAH! BULL! Try telling that to me when I did the other Pooh’s Adventures! So... Wait... Who is that? There happens to be a blue wolf dog with glasses and wearing all black. This turns out to be Triumph101 himself. Yes, we have a Self-Insert in our midst. However, I accept this concept with open arms as it is quite rare to see a self-insert in a Pooh’s Adventures (no, having BowserMovies1989 pretending to actually be Bowser does not count). Anyways Triumph101 has Z-Tokens (Adventure Quest term) to pay for a toll (duh) but the plot he does not want to use them. Oh, and money comes out of the kid’s glove box, causing Triumph101 to question its presence. The Phonograph tells him to not question the logic of the movie (let this set the tone for the movie) and tells Milo to dump the money in the box. The car moves... and he turns into a young Danny Zuko. Well, they make him animated because... I do not know. It would be better to animate what happens later, I guess. Okay, so after fooling around, he goes into a portal...

So wait... The Phantom Tollbooth is a TARDIS? Oh, Milo admits that his guests are strange. FOUR FREAKING POOH’S ADVENTURES AND SOMEONE FINALLY NOTICES! BUT STRANGE? STRANGE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! POOH HAD DARTH VADER AND GOD-FREAKING-ZILLA ON HIS TEAM AT ONE POINT! IT IS TOO FREAKING LATE TO NOTE HOW STRANGE POOH AND HIS FRIENDS ARE NOW! OH LOOK, IT IS THE COP THAT I CAN ONLY SEEE IN MY MIND. HE IS COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY, HAHA! HE IS COMING TO TAKE ME AWAit... That dude is in the film? Oh. Phew, thought I was going insane for a second. Oh and there’s a funny line from Conker that pretty much is “I didn’t do it!” Oh, and the cop? He acknowledges that not only is there a squirrel, but a talking squirrel. Four Pooh’s Adventures... It took me this long to find one where they actually note how strange Pooh and his friends are.

{sees Wataru and some men in white suits} Do not worry. I got it under control. {takes some crazy pills} So the Police Officer charges him with some felonies (it’s mostly because he’s a greaser, they get that a lot) and gives him a short sentence. I am. No really. He writes it down and gives it to him. WHAT. Oh, and another kid is along for the ride. He is with the SD Gundams and goes by the name of Shute. His response to the short sentence is perfect.

And we end at there. Speaking of I Am... Crush 40, play me out!

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