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Live Blog Top Ten by Cross
Carbonpillow2011-06-03 10:19:12

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The Beginning is Nigh

Hello all, I've decided to do a series of Top Ten Lists in the vein of Cracked articles, but mostly concerning video games.

I'll be reviewing the generic top tens (top FPS, top rpg, top rts, etc) as well as some more entertaining subjects. From time to time (and when I get the money to do so) I'll review a new game or do a walkthrough.

Suggestions are welcome.

(I know putting it here on Live blogs is Shameless Self-Promotion, but I do need some help to get me through the rocky early stages of being an online gaming critic.)

The first installment is up:

I know my Caustic Critic writing style is a little rough around the edges this being my first time and all, any pointers are appreciated.

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