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Live Blog Title Now Kinda Makes Sense - Let's Watch Kiddy Girl!
CaperNerd2011-04-15 12:37:23

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When I first heard of the anime "Kiddy Grade" a few years back, the title initially made me think it would be a rather childish anime. A kiddy-grade anime, if you will. What it turned out to be was an anime about a pair of nanomachine-empowered girls, Éclair and Lumière. The two girls work for the GOTT - Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs - as special enforcers known as "ES Members". The show started out fairly lighthearted, but it became much darker as the series progressed.

I ended up liking Kiddy Grade well enough, but wasn't overly crazy about it. In fact, I had almost forgotten about the series entirely. Then one day I came across Kiddy Girl - sorry, Kiddy Gi RL-AND - on Crunchyroll, and suddenly remembered that Kiddy Grade did, in fact, exist and was something I watched. Seeing this sequel/spinoff up on Crunchyroll, I decided to take a look. How does it compare?

Well, rather than outright tell you, why don't we go through this episode by episode? This is a liveblog, afterall.

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