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Live Blog RED-HOT GLOBIN! Let's Play M&L: Bowser's Inside Story!
EndarkCuli2011-04-02 23:47:42

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Three Cheers for Nostalgia! ...Again!

Welcome, everyone, to my first Liveblog! ...What's that? Something about Disgaea Infinite, and an artsy game I found on Newgrounds? Well, back when Liveblogs were only a forum topic, I decided to try out my luck with a funny Nintendo DS game I had recently received. Eventually it dropped, partly due to my habit of procrastination, and mostly due to a cousin asking to borrow the game and then moving to Toronto to go to college. If you must know, the game's fine, and currently back in my possession. Anyways, while some people may have believed that my coverage was lost forever, I managed to recover some of my old documents while at home with the flu. And I thought, why not put 'em back online?

And finally, in case anyone's curious, in the event that I continue this thing after uploading all the old entries, I still have absolutely no idea what comes next. I promised a blind run, and I'll do it! ...Eventually!


Welcome to my Let’s Play! I could’ve called this “The Inside Scoop on Inside Story”, or “Mario & Luigi is Serious B.I.S.-ness”, but I didn’t want to pun-ish you too much from the get-go…which I have just done by telling you all that. Sorry! By the way, this is going to be a mostly blind run-through; the only things I know are from the manual, which include pictures of such things as a merchant made out of bricks, Bowser drinking water so the Bros. can swim to a high platform, and Bowser fighting a giant Goomba with a lollipop. That last one kinda reminds me of one of the bosses from Partners in Time…

Anyways, let’s get this party started! Title screen…starts with Peach’s castle on the top, and its reflection in water on the bottom. As the title’s revealed, it changes so that the image in the water is Bowser’s castle. I briefly enjoy alternating between the ‘Start’ and ‘Mic Test’ options, just to cause ripples in the water. Then, I decide to officially begin the game. I choose to save in File #1, because I’m not in the mood for defying usual expectations.

The game begins with…our main protagonists, the Mario Brothers? Our kinda-sorta protagonist, Bowser? Nope; just a couple of Toads in a Toad Town house. There’s a son, who got home early because he played hooky, and a mother that calls the kid a ‘scamp’. Apparently, society in the Mushroom Kingdom still reflects those of television shows from the 1970s. The kid calls his dad to dinner, and….Oh my goodness! It’s Godzilla…I mean, Gojira! …Wait, never mind ; it’s just the father, who looks like he tried to copy Kirby’s lifestyle with disastrous consequences.

So, he caught a case of ‘The Blorbs’, huh? Apparently, ‘Become-Freaking-Huge Disease’ was taken. Apparently, there are two phases: turn big, and start rolling. Not to be picky, but can’t that last one be ruled out as the victim’s futile attempts to move? Anyways, we see that Peach is a royal that actually DOES something, as she’s gathered some Toads together to help solve the problem. There’s Toadsworth by her side, a girl Toad in a white outfit, a guy that looks REALLY familiar, and a bunch of generics. Also, Peach is using an old-fashioned slideshow projector; I guess PowerPoint’s too tricky.

As the meeting goes on, we get an appearance from a Star Spirit named Starlow. Although they look completely different, his/her/its appearance reminds me of Twink from Paper Mario. Apparently, the highest powers that the kingdom can rely on have no freakin’ clue what to do. If these are the same guys and girls that can summon meteorites, heal Mario for 20-ish HP, and freeze time, then I’m severely disappointed. At one point, the girl Toad has an outburst, and it’s revealed that she’s the receptionist for Dr. Toadley. Aren’t they the people that take calls and write notes? Probably not the best replacement when you’re looking for a medicine man. Also, I’m taking a guess that this Toadley guy is going to be a really important NPC somewhere along the line. I’m also guessing that Professor Gadd will appear, but only because he’s had some kind of influence in the previous 2 games (Café owner in Superstar Saga, plot initiator in Partners In Time). Also, by boogity, that familiar Toad I mentioned earlier is Toadbert from the last game! …’By boogity’? What a lame phrase to be remembered by…

Everyone starts to freak out that all hope is lost, when Toadsworth mentions the Mario Brothers! Because, obviously, people like Yoshi, Daisy, Prof. Gadd, Toadette, et cetera, have absolutely no hope at fixing such a thing. Finally, some playtime as the main characters! First, a brief tutorial on how to talk to people, which I take for nostalgic purposes. I then take a tour around the castle, which is to say I talk to 5-6 Toads and traverse through three rooms before reaching the conference hall Peach is in. Along the way, I gain 15+ coins, and find only one Toad interested in what Luigi’s been up to recently. I should mention that the castle, once again, has a different layout. What was the last Mario game before this? Galaxy? I’d guess you’d HAVE to remodel if your castle was turned into a portal to the universe’s center.

Mario & Luigi find Peach, and the meeting resumes. Toadbert starts rattling off probabilities and whatnot, causing Luigi to fall asleep. This part’s a little fuzzy in my memory, but I recall Toadsworth saying something about Bowser. And guess what? Cue Bowser! Apparently, this whole Blorb thing concerns him as well, and he’s upset that he wasn’t invited to the meeting. Starlow insults him, which provokes King Koopa into…trying to turn Peach into a flambé? Dude, don’t you kidnap her on a regular basis?! Killing her ain’t cool, man! …But it’s okay, because Mario saves her in time, leaving the projector, the screen, and the podium as the only victims. Poor things; they had so much to live for!

Well, I’ve already written a lot, and I’m not even certain if anyone will like it. So, that’s all for now; next update, Mario versus Bowser! Three cheers for nostalgia!

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