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Live Blog A FATAL resurrection.
Fusionman2011-03-16 21:41:03

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A naive man, curious

Well one of if not the most famous liveblogs in the original Liveblog system. Well I got permission from the original creator and I'm bringing back the memories.

Sadly I'm not going through this so I'm just copypasting the work and showing it here.

I'll be doing this pretty much stream-of-consciousness.

Let's start with the cover. It has two adventurers buck naked fighting a goblin, one male and one female. Well, the guy has a banana hammock. (Basically a man-thong. Great start here...) You'd think it would be a good idea to go into battle with something to protect your vitals beside your skin, but nope!

Now onto the first page. They state right away that they want this game to be as realistic as possible while still retaining mystical elements. Seems fair. Since there's more than one god, they've gotten rid of Christian elements. Again, good for the setting. (Because having a religion is evil story could have made this good!) They've isolated Europe, meaning that everybody is Caucasian and there are no foreign influences. No Chinese spices, to use one of their examples. (Oh JBridge, you'll wish.)

The next section explains what an RPG is. (For those poor souls who picked this up first.) The example they give has an adventurer rescuing a maiden from a tower. They also show that they're using a Karma Meter-like system. Here's what happens depending on the character.

  • Free the maiden out of respect for humanity. (The pussy ending)
  • Free the maiden hoping to win her over. (The smart ending)
  • Free the maiden, and hold her for ransom. (The Final Fantasy villain ending)
  • Free the maiden, but only after she's given the PC head. (The ... ending)
  • Don't free the maiden. Instead, rape her. (The dick ending)
  • Don't free the maiden. Instead, eat her. (The cannibal ending)

Now I'm starting to understand what people were talking about. The game lets you be a dick or not be a dick, but they go into rather disturbing detail. (Dude. Pray for your soul.)

So yeah. Expect more. So far I've only read the title and the intro and it's already messy. Can't wait for the actual rules!

It just wasn't the pain of JBridge that made this amazing though! It was the comments! Let's preview those!

From Haven himself. 'it begins' A nice start but not what I'm looking for. Maybe the next try will get us something great!

("Author's" note I'm the voice in parentheses. Again JBridge gave me license to snark over the posts as I read them. )

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