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Live Blogs Gentlemen, I Love War
Psyga3152012-04-11 10:45:11

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Okay then. Five Countries. I will continue my goal of stopping at two. Here we go.

So we start things off with another dissing contest between the Warriors and the Soldiers. The soldiers saying “We will civilize Egypt” and the warriors saying “Screw you! It’s already civilized.” And a fight ensues. And guess who wins? Yeah, I am pretty good am I not? So, I send some of my men to take another country when all of a sudden, the Vikings turn on me. DAMN YOU MINNESOTANS! The worse part? That negated my turn, so meaning that I have ten less men now, so I have to waste a turn increasing it to 30. Speaking of a high number, the soldiers finally make a bold move and invade a country I forgot about, thus throwing off my guard. So now they have six countries now. Oh... Now... Now I will kick their asses!


However, my people seem to mistake “war” for “peace” and come at the soldiers with no weapons. So I took a sword and cut up some of the competition. All while humming the theme to JAKQ Dengekitai. There is a reason why. Dengekitai is Blitzkrieg Squad in Japanese. And so the soldiers, the ones who made me lose one country, has exposed themselves by transporting troops from a vulnerable country to a country that might not be attacked in a while, as opposed to the other way around. Rather than complain, I took my advantage in sending fifteen men against five of the soldiers. It was a curbstomp battle that ended in me and another guy stomping some dude’s balls. Weird. Another cutscene ensues, this time about how Paramount discovered a cave that told him the coordinates of a wormhole that could send him back in time. Anyways, I decided to take over one more country that pulls off the same move of moving a vulnerable country’s troops and place them in a not so vulnerable country. Also, there was a soldier that got lost from his unit and asked for mercy. You know, the same kind of mercy they gave us. So we killed him just like how they would do it. Let’s just say Curbstomp and head on to the next interrogation, which is about Paramount building a spaceship to go to said Wormhole.

Ah... much better. Well, join in for the next part.

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