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Live Blog A (Not So) Silent Storm Let's Play
EternallyLost2011-01-09 00:05:54

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Set up and Prologue

Greetings from the Lost one,

This is my first time attempting a liveblog, or well any blog really but the idea of doing a text LP really interested me. I've been doing videos ones off and on for a while now so this would be a nice way to change the pace a bit and do a game I really can't record with my current computer. Anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty.

The game I'm going to be running through is Silent Storm, A fun turn based strategy rpg set in the thick of World War 2. Following special operations commando units on either the Axis or the Allies side of the conflict. It's combat is fun, challenging, and the destructible environments really make for some interesting games.

For this LP I'm going to play the Allies as a rather BOOM happy engineer. I'll be playing on Normal because I'm still pretty new and I'll need to save during fights to get good screen shots and such. Though I won't abuse it to keep bad things from happening, I'll keep any deaths that occur and such. I am using three mods but they're only to fix some of the glaring problems in the game (or totally cosmetic).

The first fixes the grenade range. In normal play even a skilled grenadier couldn't throw a small grenade more than a couple of feet. With this you can use them effectively, which also means the enemy can as well.

The second changes the skill requirement for Engineering and Medical equipment. Medical and Engineering skills are the hardest to raise since they can only be done through using equipment with limited uses which makes it really hard to raise. This mod just makes the skill requirements manageable so that you can actually reach the next equipment tier before you run out of items to use 6-_-

The last mod just allows you to use more of the in-game outfits for your custom character. Just for fun, there are some pretty cool possibilities.

With that I'll leave the Prologue from the Manual to set things up, from then on I'll be doing things in a narrative style mixing it up from mission debriefings or 'written' reports depending on the kind of stuff that happens.


By 1943 it became clear that Germany's plans for a Blitzkrieg (a lightning-quick war) on the Eastern front have failed. The WW 2 has turned into a protracted, bloody conflict. Accordingly, both sides the Axis countries and the Allies began to pay much more attention to their intelligence-gathering and commando units. Such units, capable of operating in various countries including deep behind the enemy lines, have been formed at the beginning of the forties by many nations, in particular Great Britain and Germany. Usually these troops were a part of military intelligence, reporting directly to the highest command. One of their responsibilities was gathering intelligence on secret enemy operations, including development of new weapons potentially capable of drastically changing the balance of forces and ultimately affect the outcome of the war. To deal with these tasks, special agents proficient in intelligence-gathering and commando techniques were recruited...


Jul 22nd 2011 at 1:10:42 PM
oh my god you fucking suck

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Well jesus, you don't need to be so hard to the guy. Christ.