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Live Blog Viva Piņata! Filled with pun, filled with pun!
Nyperold2010-12-26 12:12:06

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(Note: The first four days are reposts from the forum version.)

Welcome to yet another Nyperold liveblog! This time, the subject is that Xbox 360 game, Viva Piņata!

First order of business: I'm planning on structuring my entries around when one day changes to another, unless you think it would be better to make new entries start at sunrise.

Also, I'll be naming my piņatas after anime and manga characters. You know, whatever character pops into my head. Which will probably mostly be ones from series I have, but I'll probably incorporate characters from other series I've heard of, as well. (I've preemptively named my first Sparrowmint from this latter pool of characters, before even starting the new game.) But if you think I should save a name I've given for another type of piņata, say so, and maybe I'll change it.

Finally, if you want to give me game tips, that's also fine.

So yeah, I hope I'm interesting!


Aug 24th 2012 at 9:07:07 AM
OMG I remember that show!~ ^^