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Live Blog Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux
Nimitz2010-12-12 13:21:50

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Back in May, I made this thread. It was a fun ride, but unfortunately, RL got quite busy for me. I disappeared from the forums for some time.

Now I'm back, and I'm ready to start this up again. We're gonna start the same way we did in the last thread, save for a few differences, since I'm using the latest version of JA 2 1.13.

Aside from that, everything is the same. As expected, I'll be using all custom mercs at the start. 3 men, 3 women. Here's the character sheet. For those who are new to this thread, you'll want to read the first post in my last thread and maybe one or two of the character sheets before filling this out.

Name: Nickname: Gender: Appearance: (There are a limited amount of portraits, but I'll find the one that matches your description best.) Attitude Disability: Major Trait(s): Minor Trait: Skills: (You've got several fields to choose from. Don't number crunch; just tell me what you want to be best [and/or worst] at and I'll take care of it.)

It's good to be back.

Hired mercs

IMP mercs (6/6 slots filled)

  • Devon "Bunny" Bunzowski
  • Ciara "Cia" Malley
  • Carlos "Bigger C" Biggs
  • Benjamin "Big Ben" Krounsch
  • Elena "Ellie" Moreno
  • Jane Quincy "Generica" Doe

Pending IMP mercs

  • Brock/Nadia "Roxas" Carter

AIM mercs

  • None yet.

Local mercs

  • Ira

Deceased mercs

  • None yet.

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