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SapphireBlue2011-09-30 14:29:50

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An exercise in monotony

Alright, Iím back and ready to tackle this final battle again. This time Iíve remembered that Vanessa can also use Charm. Maybe thatíll help me out a little.

Once I turn on the DS, I remember that I lost my stylus. I grab a spare, and reload my battle save.

I begin to move my guys, and I try to buff them a little on the way. Vanessaís Seduce move has only a small chance of actually working, but Iíll try it every now and then anyway. Once again, Iíve split up my group into two parts.

First kill goes to Leon, who 1-hits an Abyss with his strongest skill. Thatíll help. Also, the enemies have been very unlucky with Charm so far. Thatís been great, and I hope it keeps going like that.

Vanessa gets killed by Zehaalís flash drive. Iíll try and bring them back as soon as I can. Which ends up being right now, because itís Melís turn. Heath is hurt badly, but he ends up leveling on his next turn. Unfortunately, Mel and Vanessa get killed by Zehaal, and then Mavi dies. Looks like the battle is heading to the right side. Lucia moves next, so I have her bring Mel back. But then Zehaal moves over and kills her. Greeeeat.

Heath keeps attacking by himself, while Alph uses a Holy Wing on Mel. Cecille uses Restore on Vanessa. AndÖoh god. Crap. Crap. Zehaal uses a really strong attack on pretty much everyone. Lucia gets to work healing, but that attack killed Mel again. After some time, Cecille brings Mel back with full health. Hopefully sheíll live longer this time.

Heath finally dies, but he did do a lot of damage to the angels on the left. Lucia kills another Abyss, meaning that there are only five enemies left. Cecille revives Leon, who died a while back, andÖwell, actually, things are going quite nicely forÖOH SHIT. Four of my guys just got killed, leaving only Leon and Cecille. Leon kills the last Abyss, leaving only Zehaal and the Vultures left. LEON DIES OH CRAP but itís Cecileís turn and I just refilled her MP, letís see what happens. She brings back Alph. All the enemies start movinig closer, but none of them are close enough to actually attÖwell, damn. Cecilleís dead. Alph is the only one left. Alph attacks, he levels and is therefore healed. Aaaand, then he gets charmed. I turn the game off and try again.

Damn. I was doing well that time. Maybe this time Iíll try and save during the battle when Iím doing well. That way I wonít have to keep restarting from the beginning. Lemme think. Since the left side has to deal with Zehaal, I think Iíll send Lucia along with them. Everythingís going well a few rounds in. Vanessa died, but otherwise Iím fine. I consider saving, but decide against it. Alph and Leon take out one of the Abysses, and Cecille heals the three of them. Heath dies, but is quickly brought back by Mel. Heath dies right afterward, annoyingly enough. Then Mel dies. Then, waitÖhuh? Zehaal uses a confusion spell that Iíve never seen him use before. It hits BOTH Mavi and Lucia.

Two Abysses down. Cecille brings Mel back. Lucia dies, followed by Mavi. At least I have two healers alive. Cecille brings Heath back. Leon dies. I decide that Iím going to save soon, when things are going just a bit better. A few turns later, once Iíve killed the last Abyss, I decide itís time. I hope I made the right choice here. Cecille revives Leon, bringing my total of characters to six.

One Vulture down. Just Zehaal and the other two left. Vanessa and Cecille die, but I think Iíll be able to manage. Heath kills off a second Vulture. Yeah, Iíll definitely be able to manage. Just in case, though, I save again. Alph brings Cecille back, and Leon starts to move towards Zehaal and the remaining Vulture. Soon enough, sheís dead as well, and Iíve done some decent damage on Zehaal himself. Leonís third flash drive takes away most of his remaining HP, meaning that heís close to dying. He then heals back most of the damageÖbut come ON. Itís six on one here. And besides that, heís really low on MP.

Yeah, heís down to using regular attacks. Which are still strong, but Iím totally going to win. I save once again, just because Iím doing so well, and keep pounding him. Finally, Leon hits him for a ton ofÖoh wait, that was his last physical attack block, wasnít it? Darn, that wouldíve killed him. Whatever.

What is UP with this attack block? How come some people can attack him and others canít? And that thing he cast on himself has lasted way more than three attacks. Well, it doesnít matter now. Alph deals the final blow, and the battle ends. I get nothing, though, so it should be obvious whatís coming up.

Zehaal speaks, saying itís time for him to put an end to everything. He tells the party to receive his light, and look upon his true self. Yep, thereís another battle coming up. Thankfully, this is the last part. No third stages or anything stupid like that.

He turns into some kind of weird fuzzy dragon-looking thing with wings. Itís really a very unimpressive final form. Looks more like a Pokemon than anything else. He speaks again, this time being called ďWings of Doom,Ē and says heís the harbinger of the void. He will return this world to the nothingness it came from. Behold the power of the infinite!

Yeah, no. I get the chance to pick new characters, which I gladly accept. Alph, of course, is required, but itís better to pick characters that werenít in the last battle because theyíll have full health. OrÖwait, no, everyone has full health. Iíll bring in some long-range attackers, because Zehaal is stationary for this fight. Cecille comes along, of course, along with Mel. Theo, Vivi, Claire, Nicolai, and Vanessa are my other choices. Time to finally finish this!

The objective for the final battle is still ďDefeat All Enemies,Ē despite the fact that thereís only one. Vivi buffs Nicolai and Claire for speed. After that, though, Zehaal uses his flash drive, killing all three of them. Not good. Alph heals himself and Cecille with Rym Cure, and moves a bit closer. I realize that Iíve forgotten to save, but Iíll want to wait a bit to do that. My other characters start resurrecting the ones that died. Now that theyíre all back, I save.

Everyone begins to move closer, but no one really gets the chance to attack. Vivi lowers his speed, but thatís pretty much it. He uses Hellfire eventually, though, and three of my guys die.

Also, I guess heís not so stationary after all. He moved to another spot. I try to keep attacking, but Vanessa dies. I remember this being easy, but somehow it isnít right now. I wonder what made it easier before?

Why the heck didnít I bring Leon into this? I couldíve used that raw power. Zehaal uses his flash drive again, and all but three of my guys die. Iíve barely done any damage to him! I manage to hurt him a bit more, but Iím still having trouble. For whatever reason, my hit rate always says zero, even if I actually can hit him. Well, at least heís not healing himself. After a while, Iíve gotten some good damage down. Heís somewhere between two-thirds and one-half of his HP. Honestly, though, Alphís flash drives are the only thing doing any real damage.

This is SO boring. AndÖOH MY GOD NO HE HEALED. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN...AAARRRRGH. If I canít do this, Iím SO bringing Leon in. This is so incredibly dull, I canít even begin to describe it. Iím doing tiny little bits of damage while he mauls my guys and warps around the map.

I used items to fill up Alphís flash drive, so heís able to do some decent damage. Still, this is going to take forever. Have I mentioned that he has 999 HP? No, I donít think I have. He does. He also has 999 MP, which seems to be restored whenever he uses a Flash Drive. No chance of him running out.

I keep going for quite a while longer. Heís down to about 320 HP right now, meaning Iím getting pretty close. Then he kills three of my guys, leaving me with just Vanessa and Cecille. Despite that, I think I can still make it.

Oh my GOD. He healed again. HE HEALED AGAIN. THIS IS BULLSHIT OH MY GOD. Now he has about 700 HP. This is taking so damn long. I swear Iíve been on just this fight for like half an hour. You know what? Screw this. Iím turning off. I have a battle save, after all. But Iím not doing that right now. Right now, Iím done. Iím so sick of this. I just canít take any more. This is a perfect example of a Goddamned Boss. You give the boss ridiculously high defense, unlimited MP, and super-strong attacks. The player is forced to whittle down his HP a little at a time, usually with attacks that do less than 30 damage. Then when you think you have a chance, he heals himself for half his max HP. If thatís not enough, you hide the hit percentage so that itís impossible to tell which attacks his blocks will negate. Itís completely idiotic. This isnít a challenge, this is Image Epoch trolling me. How the heck was I able to do this so easily last time? I donít get it!

The next installment will almost certainly be the last, so stay tuned. But seriously, right now Iím done. Later, guys.


Oct 1st 2011 at 2:50:05 AM
Er, oops. Disregard that last comment. As far as strategies go for Zehaal, you really want to use Leon+Houndclaw or a flashdrive. Rather, why aren't you using Leon all the time? If you haven't trained Leon enough, then Alph+FD items or Magnum are key.
Oct 1st 2011 at 11:53:55 AM
Yeah, I kinda figured that out. As of my next entry, I've decided to pick out new characters instead of sticking with the fail group that I brought in.

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