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Live Blog Real Time Lords! Let's watch Doctor Who!
Fusionman2010-12-15 08:14:18

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Welcome back and let's enter The Cave of Skulls now! First title sequence Yay! Will I be sick of this by the end?

After that we see shadows. What are they? Gutsman's ass! No cavemen but the music sounds the same. Still written by Coburn BTW.

Sleeping cave people while one is making a fire looking drunk? OK... Zamix(?) is making the fire you whore! Wait... They killed his dad for making fire? These guys are screwed. They BOWED to the guy who made fire?! You said they killed him. WAT?

You fail but no need for a temper tantrum! Welcome to Doctor Who's first Large Ham. Zamix the caveman! Dude one hint Hands+bone does NOT equal fire! Wait the tribe leader is the one who MAKES FIRE? That makes no sense. WTF! Explain please! Oh yeah that was in within a minute of dialogue. Sure Zamix scream to the fire gods...

THAT WAS A FLASHBACK! He just stared off into space and had a minute long flashback!!!

Sweet Barbara woke up. Now Ian. I need to see the reaction! Tell them Doctor! Yes Ian you have your "evidence" right in front of your eyes but yet you want more! First Doctor Who joke! You have a Geiger counter? Why when you absorb radiation according to Nu Who season 4! Wait you don't know where you are?

Why did Ian almost fall over? The "explanition" is that you went through time! What should it be if not a police box?

WTF is that! It could be anything Ian? I agree? It disguises itself? What would it be in caveman times? You wonder why he's quiet? Yes Ian you were wrong. Another Title Drop ALREADY! How is it impossible! You Keep Using That Word!

Wow the Doctor got back attacked by a caveman. Yes he's gone no need to scream Susan! Hey Ian, Barbara maybe he was attacked. Morons. Susan he's not dead CALM THE FUCK DOWN! He wrote ALL the TARDIS codes in a notebook? Um sure... Exploring time!

Is this part of the scene needed? No kids playing a game is not needed. Dude I'm sorry but I just don't care about you or your caveman buddies. Oh Doctor hello! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CAVE PEOPLE SO SHUT UP!! Yes the "fire god" can make people SHOOT FIRE OUT OF THEIR HANDS! These morons believe this lying jackass! Get to the plot! Wait two Large Ham in one episode? OK awesome. Wait this dude can make BLUE FIRE? Holy shit! BLAGGH to you too Zamix.

Doctor you woke up! Did you bring the plot with you? Nevermind more fire based rants. Coburn plot PLEASE? Hey Doctor you spoke for the first time in 10 minutes! Old people can hurt people a lot Doctor. MATCHES! A Time Lord needs matches to make fire! SHUT UP ABOUT FUCKING FIRE! The "villain" is getting hammy! Holy shit They want to kill the Doctor! Well next part we'll see how that turned out.

((Oh yeah if anyone wants to help or give suggestions PM me.))

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