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5: Can't See the Forest for the Bees

The entrance to the Forest Temple looks different on the inside than the Grass Temple did. For one, there are more statues and more switches (and more switches than statues). Lee tries to press one to get the door to open, but her body doesn't have enough weight to keep it pressed down for very long. Trying to figure out the correct combination would be too time-consuming, so Frum searches around for clues, going next door to find a tablet that holds the answer. There's a dead game developer (dressed as a knight) slumped over in the corner, with his last words scrawled on the wall: "Take it from me: ramming into foes, even from the side, doesn't work here."

After opening the front door, the next room he enters is pitch black. Frum uses one of his candles to try to light up the room. He can't see much, but it's a slight improvement over total darkness. The room just to the north of that one has a cracked wall on its west side, so Frum makes a note of it and moves on. Two rooms over, he finds another fragile wall, but it's hard to see due to the lack of light. Luckily, Frum's candle is still burning, so he is able to spot it. He defeats the enemies in the room and takes a small key with him back to the previous room, dodging the spike traps to open the door.

To proceed past this next room, Frum braves a set of arrow traps to trigger the switch on the opposite wall with his boomerang. Lee sees that some tiles on the floor in one of the nearby rooms are colored differently than the rest. Frum clears the room of skeletons so that he can think clearly, because he hates being interrupted when trying to solve a puzzle. Parallax reveals the answer to him yet again, and he shoves the statues in place (only the ones on the right are movable) so that he can proceed.

The next room is pitch black, so Frum has to light another candle so that he can see the treasure chest in the middle, which contains a map of the dungeon. It's a bit larger than the Grass Temple, but nothing Frum and Lee can't handle.

Another room contains a treasure chest surrounded by statues. It doesn't take Frum too long to figure it out, and he gets another small key for his troubles.

Heading north and west, he finds a slightly trickier puzzle that requires him to push the pillars onto the blue switches. He only gets a paltry 10G for solving it, but at least he gets to move on.

Fighting his way through the darkness again, he finds another fragile wall. Through deductive reasoning and pattern recognition, Frum believes that the treasure contained with this dungeon is a sack of bombs.

Another switch puzzle awaits him ahead: four statues, eight buttons. Parallax tells him that only one switch from each column is the correct one. His hunch turns out to be right, as he finds a sack of bombs in a relatively unguarded treasure chest. A grin crosses Frum's usually mouthless face as he now has the opportunity to blow stuff up, so he hits the warp switch by the dungeon boss' room and backtracks to do just that. After all, who's going to be around to demand repairs for the walls?

He eventually finds another room locked with a red door. There isn't a special key nearby to unlock it, but he is able to nab some more bombs and a Small Block. Whatever they have guarding these doors must be at least a little bit impressive, he thinks. After looting the rest of the dungeon bare, he eventually finds his way back to the boss room, where an angry Queen Bee and her minions attack. She uses a combination of her stinger and her minions to keep Frum at bay. He can't get close enough to hit her with his sword, so he uses his bow to try and hit her. When she runs out of bees to attack him, she simply summons more, but Frum's shoot-and-run tactics eventually triumph, leading him to victory and the Green Orb. Lee then says that he fairy friends were captured by the Dark Bishop Fuelle, and asks for Frum's help in saving them.

They go back to Sage Indigo to tell him the good news, and Frum is rewarded with the Reflect spell, which does Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Indigo points them in the direction of the Desert Temple to the east, where the third orb is located.

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