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"It's been a while."

"Well, you may remember I fought the Elite Four and became the Champion, thanks to copious use of Money. After that, Brenden discovered that Pokemon from other regions had migrated into Hoenn. Luckily for me, that included Houndour. Sophia turned out to be a pretty jolly girl after I caught her. That won't help her much in battles, but I don't think it will matter."

"Mr. Briney has a new job now, piloting the ferry SS Tidal. He sent me a ticket, but I kind of don't want to go. You see, Scott phoned me and asked me to meet him on board. I know he's not a bad guy, but I just can't stand that nonchalance of his."

"I haven't seen Steven around. I dropped by his house and saw that he'd left me a note... and a Beldum for me. But no one seems to know where he is."

"Wally has been training in Victory Road. He ays he wants to beat me before fighting the league. Seems counterintuitive to me, but maybe he doesn't realize I'm the champion."

"Or am I? I just got word that Wallace conquered the league again and stole my crown in absentia. That was kind of a mean move, but truthfully, I don't mind that much. It'll give me a chance to put Luna and Sophia in the spotlight when I get around to fighting them again."

"Dad wants to fight me again. He's been training ever since I beat him the first time. We understand each other better now, but sometimes I wonder whether fighting him backfired more than it helped. There's got to be some way to get him around the house more often. Unfortunately, I've got bigger things to worry about right now."

"Unfortunately, it seems like the Legendary situation wasn't wrapped up after all. I dropped by the Weather Center for a visit, and overheard people talking about localized storms and droughts - not as serious as the chaotic conditions when Kyogre and Groudon were actually fighting, but I decided to look into it and checked out the storm that was going on just that moment. That could have been a mistake..."

{Marine Cave: a name shared by many temporary underwater burrows Kyogre created to rest in.}

"I took Eclipse, Fargus, Exde, and Mojo with me. Along with Tropius and Tentacool to get me in there quickly. My fears were confirmed. Kyogre was there, just... sitting in a sunken lake, surrounded by the same mist that was in the Undersea cavern. I walked to the edge of the small cliff, and I don't know if it recognized me or not, but it swam up to meet me... to battle."

"Once it actually decided to fight, it's rain powers intensified and we had an underground storm too. With the rain boosting the power of it's water attacks, none of my team could stand up to them. I had Eclipse and Fargus take the lead, figuring I might be able to stall it out with all the revived I had left over from my league challenge."

"Actually, it kept trying to go back to sleep throughout our fight. Rest can be a useful technique, but this got ridiculous. I thought about running, but that wouldn't have solved anything.

"You remember the Sheer Cold attack? It creates a zone of absolute zero around the target. I think Glacia's Pokemon used it. It's one of the moves that almost never hit, but if they do, nothing can withstand it. Well, Kyogre was powerful enough to use it almost reliably against us. Almost And then it had the Double Edge Move, a powerful Normal Type attack. Fargus could stand up to one of them. And of course it had Hydro Pump. With the rain boosting it, nothing could stand against that, although it was a bit hard to aim. Unfortunately, when you think about it, that makes them more dangerous."

"Luckily for me, I didn't get caught in the crossfire this time. And my plan to stall out it's best moves worked perfectly. Miraculously, I even managed to capture it. It turns out it has a Gentle personality. Quite a twist, huh? Still, that mean's I'll have to be even more careful next time.

''It turns out that Pokeballs can screen out Kyogre's weather control ability, it should work for Groudon too. But I'd better balance the scales fast, before it notices it doesn't have an opposite number to deal with anymore. I could go get Rayquaza too, but It'll probably want to fight me now that it has reason to see me as another threat."

"Hopefully I can manage one or two more miracles. Oh, and even though I've started seriously catching Pokemon other than Dark Types, that doesn't mean I'm going to use them."

"So how are things going back in Goldenrod? I wish I could go back to visit sometimes, but even I can't surf that far across the ocean. Give Whitney heck for me!"


Jun 29th 2011 at 4:30:00 AM
Nice. A update in the form of a letter to "Johto".