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Chapter 1: Rough start

{We begin in Oldale.}

Shay: Well, It's time we did some training. Let's check out Route 102.

Super Nerd: I finished sketching the footprints of a rare pokemon. But it turns out they were only my own footprints...

Shay: (Well, at least he figured it out before I needed to go that way.)

{in Route 102:}

Boy: I'm going to catch a whole bunch of Pokemon!

{Shay and Luna encounter a Seedot.}

Shay: I have a strange feeling about this one.

{Shay manages to catch Seedot before she can strike out with Bide.}

Pokedex: Seedot: Acorn Pokemon. It hangs off branches and absorbs nutrients. When it finishes eating, it's body becomes so heavy that it drops to the ground with a thump.

Shay: Hmm... All right. I'll give you a shot, Exde.

{Next, the party faces a Zigzagoon. T He two pokemon manage to win together.}

Shay: That was too close. But I should remember that switching negates the effects of Growl and moves like it.

{They retreat to the Pokemon center to heal, but quickly head out again. Next opponent is another Zigzagoon. The party wins the same way as last time.}

Shay: I know it's hard now, but It won't always be like this.

{Next attempt pits Luna against a Wurmple. This time she is able to win alone. Barely.}

Shay: That was great, Luna.

{Apparantly, this psyched Luna up, as she lands two consecutive critical hits on another Wurmple.}

Shay: {Eyes wide} That was... just unbelievable!

{Next fight is another Seedot. With some creative switching to get around Bide, it falls with no trouble.}

Shay: I think we all deserve credit for that one!

{The next opponent is an experienced Wurmple. Luna wins a relatively straight fight.}

Shay: It just occurred to me. All the pokemon we fought so far only know Normal moves, but they won't all stay that way.

{Another Wurmple falls to Luna. She learns Howl!}

Shay: That's one step closer! But I think it's time we gave Exde the first shot against the opponents. Is that alright?

Luna: Pooch.

{And so it goes. Exde manages to defeat a Lotad and Poochyena with no support.}

Shay: This is great! You've both come so far, and without needing any Potions, either. I think it's time for us to start actually fighting other trainers.

Youngster Calvin: If you have Pokemon with you, then you're an official Pokemon Trainer! You can't say no to my challenge!

Shay: Fine then!

{Exde faces Calvin's Poochyena. She gets a good hit in with Bide, but falls.}

Shay: (With all the Howling he's doing to set up, he'll be able to take Luna down easily too.) Luna, strike fast!

{A lucky critical later:}

Calvin: Arrgh, I lost... I should have trained mine more...

Shay: (That was too close...)

Calvin: Listen, you. If you're strong, you should have told me before!

Shay: Why would you assume I was weak?

{One trip to the Pokemon center later:}

Bug Catcher Rick: Hahah! Our eyes met! I'll take you on with my bug Pokemon!

Shay: (If they knew any Bug moves, this might be a problem.)

{Rick uses two Wurmple. The first one falls to Exde, but Luna steps in to help with the other.}

Rick: Ow! Down and out!

Shay: They just keep getting stronger!


Little Kid: I'm... not very tall, so I sink right into tall grass. The grass goes up my nose and... Fwafwafwafwafwa... Fwachoo!

Youngster Allen: Did you just become a trainer?

Shay: Yeah, actually.

Youngster Allen: We're both beginners!

{Allen uses a Zigzagoon and a Taillow. Exde handles Zigzagoon, learning Growth. Luna takes down Taillow.}

Allan: I called you because I thought we could beat you. I haven't won once yet... I wish I would soon...

Shay: It's fine. Just practice against Wild Pokemon and you'll be good in no time.

{Shay finds and picks some Oran berries and Pecha berries.}

Shay: These could come in handy. But... I'd better replant some of them.

{Later, Shay finds a Potion.}

Shay: Looks like I won't need to worry about Items for a while.

Lass Tiana: I'm going to keep winning and aim to be the best trainer. Help me further my career!

Shay: {Just great. Both Luna and Exde are tired from Wild encounters... But we won't lose!}

{With the help of Shay's Potion stock, Tiana's Zigzagoon and Shroomish are defeated.}

Tiana: I ended up furthering your career...

Shay: (That... was just too close.)

Tiana: To keep winning my way up, I see that I'll have to catch more Pokemon.

Shay: Well, that's one way to do it..

{Shay, Luna, and Exde exhaustedly make it into Petalburg city. They immediately go to the Pokemon center and Pokemart to heal and restock.}

Shay: Ugh... that's a relief. Well, I finally made it. I finally have the chance to check out the city Dad's going to be working in. Better read the sign. "Petalburg City: Where people mingle with nature."

Woman: Where has our Wally gone? We have to leave for Verdanturf Town very soon...

Shay: ...Actually, I don't know If I'm ready to check out the gym yet. I'll look around town more first.

Woman: Norman became our town's new Gym Leader. I think he called his family from somewhere far away.

Man: I battled Norman once, but, whew, he was way to strong. How would I put it? I just got the feeling that he lives for Pokemon.

Shay: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Old Man: Traveling is wonderful! When I was young, I roamed the seas and the mountains!

Woman: Sigh... I wish I could go on an adventure with some Pokemon... Crawl through some damp grass... Climb rocky, rugged mountains... Cross the raging seas... Wander about in dark caves... And, sometimes, even get a little homesick...

Shay: (Come to think of it...)

Woman: It must be fabulous to travel!

Shay: Hmm. Let's see what's in house number three-

Boy: Hiya! Are you maybe... A rookie trainer?

Shay: Yes.

Boy: Do you know what rookie trainers do when they reach a new town?

Shay: Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Boy: They first check what kind of gym is in the town.

{The boy drags Shay over to the Gym.}

Boy: See? This is Petalburg City's Gym. This here is the Gym's sign. Look for it whenever you're looking for a gym.

{The boy wanders away.}

Shay: "Leader Norman: A man in pursuit of power!" I was sure he had it already. ...I can't put this off any longer.

{Shay enters the Gym. According to the statues near the entrance, the leader has yet to be defeated.}

Shay: Dad.

Dad: Hm? Well, if it isn't Shay! So you're all finished moving in?

Shay: Yeah. Everything went smoothly.

Dad: I'm surprised you managed to get here by yourself.

Shay: What is it you always told me? "A Pokemon Trainer is never alone?"

Dad: Oh, I see. You're with your Pokemon. Hm... Then I guess you're going to become a trainer like me, Shay.

Shay: Yep! We're enjoying it so far.

Dad: That's Great News! I'll be looking forward to it!

Shay: Yeah. So why Littleroot? Were you nervous about living with us for a change-

{Suddenly, a boy enters}

Boy: Um, I... I'd like to get a Pokemon please...

Dad: Hm? You're... Uh... Oh, right. You're Wally, right?

Shay: (He's Wally?)

Wally: I'm going to go stay with my relatives in Verdanturf town. I thought I would be lonely by myself, so I wanted to take a pokemon along. But I've never caught a Pokemon before. I don't know how...

Dad: Hm. I see.

Dad: Shay, you heard that, right? Go with Wally and make sure he safely catches a Pokemon. Wally, here. I'll loan you my Pokemon.

{Wally received a Zigzagoon.}

Shay: Don't worry. He'll be safe with me.

Wally: Oh, wow! A Pokemon!

Dad: Hm. I'll give you a Poke Ball too. Go for it!

{Wally received a Poke Ball.}

Shay: (Wait, just one shot?)

Wally: Oh, wow! Thank you! Shay... Would you really come with me?

Shay: I already said so, didn't I?

{Wally and Shay walk out to Route 102.}

Wally: Shay, Pokemon hide in tall grass like this, don't they?

Shay: That's right.

Wally: Please watch me and see if I can catch one properly.

Wally: ...Woah!

{A wild Ralts appeared.}

{Zigzagoon tackles Ralts twice, Ralts growls twice.}

Shay: (Strange. This Zigzagoon should know other moves too. Did Dad... put this one aside just for a situation like this?)

Wally: Zigzagoon, come back!

Shay: Wally, what-!

Wally: You throw a ball now, right? I-I'll do my best!

{Wally throws the Poke Ball. Capture successful!}

Wally: I did it... It's my... My Pokemon!

Shay: Yeah. But calling back Zigzagoon like that... If Ralts could actually attack, that would have been a huge risk!

Wally: Oh... Anyway, thank you! Let's go back to the gym!

{Back at the Gym:}

Dad: So did it work out?

Wally: Thank you, yes, it did. Here's your Pokemon back. Shay, thank you for coming along with me.

Shay: Don't sweat it.

Wally: You two are why I was able to catch my Pokemon. I promise I'll take really good care of it. Oh! My mom's waiting for me, so I have to go! Bye, Shay!

{Wally leaves.}

Shay: What a cheerful kid.

Dad: Now...

Shay: Dad.

Dad: Shay, if you want to become a strong trainer, here's my advice. Head for Rustboro City beyond this town. There, you should challenge the Gym Leader, Roxanne. After her, go on to other Pokemon Gyms and defeat their leaders. Collect Badges from them, understood?

Shay: I get it.

Dad: Of course, I'm a Gym Leader too. We'll battle one day, Shay. But that's only after you become stronger.

Shay: If that's what I have to do. (To get you to listen to me!)

Dad: There's no challenge for me to battle a greenhorn trainer. Shay, I want you to challenge me when you become a lot stronger. I'll battle you, Shay, when you can show me four Gym badges, okay?

Shay:... {Exits.}

Shay: (I thought that If I became a trainer, I could be like you, Norman. But it just sharpened the differences between us. All right then. Set yourself up as an obstacle, and I, Shay, will knock you down!) Oh, it's Wally's house. They're going to need to change the sign soon.

Wally's father: You're...Ah, you must be Shay, right?

Shay: Yeah.

Wally's father: Thank you for playing with Wally a little while ago. He's been frail and sickly ever since he was a baby. We've sent him to stay with my relatives in Verdanturf town for a while. The air is a lot cleaner there than it is here.

Shay: So where is Wally, anyway?

Wally's father: He's already left, our Wally. I wonder where he could have gotten by now?

Wally's mother: Wally was really happy when he told us that he caught a Pokemon. It's been ages since I've seen him smile like that.

Shay: I guess it's time I left town.

Man in sunglasses: Excuse me!

Shay: What the?

Man in sunglasses: Let me guess, from the way you're dressed, are you a Pokemon Trainer?

Shay: Yes I am. And who are you?

Man in sunglasses: {Looks away} ... ... ... ... ... ... Well, maybe not. Your clothes aren't all that dirty.

Shay: I just told you-!

Man in sunglasses: You're either a rookie trainer, or maybe you're just an ordinary kid. {Looks back towards Shay} I'm roaming the land in search of talented trainers. I'm sorry to have taken your time.

{The strange man walks past Shay}

Shay: Was he listening to a word I said?

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