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Live Blog Of panties, female agents and panties of female agents: An AIKa R-16 LB
Nyarly2010-12-11 08:58:36

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Alright, that's my very first LB. Yes, I never did something like this before, the only things that could compare to this are some of the synopses, interpretations and similar stuff, I did in German lesson in school. I always got bad grades in them. In fact, doing a LB may be one of the worst ideas, I ever had. But there is no turning back now, how horrible it may become.

Yes, I'm oozing with confidence.

But enough Self-Deprecation, now some background about the subject matter. Agent AIKa is a somewhat popular Ecchi/Action anime OVA, which is in itself rather unremarkable and most notable for it's ridiculous high amount of Pantyshots. There is various other fanservice, but it all pales in comparison with the pantyshots. It's set Twenty Minutes In The Future, after global warming flooded the earth and took Tokyo (among other places) under water. The main character is a hot woman named Panty McShot Aika Sumeragi, who works as a "salvager", which means that she search the water for treasures. And shows her panties a lot (although that has nothing to do with her job. Otherwise, every women in the series would be a salvager). Later, she fights a bishounen with a German name, who wants to repopulate the earth with himself as sole father. Or something like that (it's a long time since I've last seen it and I mostly remember the panties).

AIKa R-16 is a prequel OVA, with a 16-year old Pa... Aika, who is not as hot as in the original series, but cuter instead. I'm sure there are a lot of people, who like here better that way (including me). Of course, she still shows us her panties. A lot. At the beginning, she is a beginner who just got her salvager license, in contrast to the original series, where she is an experienced and respected salvager. What doesn't contrast to the original, however, is the high amount of pantyshots. It has three episode, but I only watched the first one quite a while ago, so it's still pretty new to me (and my memory of the first episode is a bit fuzzy). Since it's so short, it probably won't take too long to LB (which, depending on how I do, may be a good thing...). Also, I will watch the German dub. I don't think that it will matter, but I thought it's good to mention it. And of course, it's not censored in any way, so the pantyshots remain. Of course, if they'd cut the respective scenes out, then the entire OVA would only 10 minutes long. At most.

Also, I consider to mention the pantyshots. Not every single one, of course, but at least I'll mention it when some appear. Also also, I consider to actually count them and write how many there are in every episode. I know that some people did it with the original (boredom can be funny sometimes).

There is also another prequel (apparently a sequel to R-16) named AIKa Zero, which I don't have (I don't even know if it ever was, or will be, released in Germany). Also there is a Spiritual Successor named Najica Blitz Tactics (or just Najica in Germany), of which I haven't seen much. But it has high amounts of pantyshots, too.

Finally, some useless pantyshots trivia: R-16 was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Agent AIKa. It's also set ten years before the original series. Also, the Japanese original had the subtitle "Virgin Mission". Make of that what you will.

Also, there are a lot of pantyshots.

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