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Live Blog Let's Play, NEWGROUNDS EDITION: Gravity Duck
BlackWolfe2010-12-11 18:10:31

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Session Four: Levels 31-39

I decided to save level 40 for its own update, because the last four or five levels are actually very challenging.

Then I screwed up and edited out the part where I cleared Level 39. So the final update when it comes will be levels 39 AND 40.


Dec 11th 2010 at 8:33:30 PM
Well, if nothing else, this video proves that your earlier statement that "when you die, you just sort of blip out" was rather accurate. I thought that your Gravity Duck's comments were rather entertaining, and that the action paused long enough to allow a decent look, although perhaps one or two could've been timed better. All in all, I think that this experiment went well, and I hope that Lady Luck's on your side when you're trying to finish that last level.
Dec 11th 2010 at 11:57:44 PM
Timing the pauses is actually more of a pain in the ass than I expected it to be.

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