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Live Blog Do the time warp, doods! Let's play Disgaea Infinite!
EndarkCuli2012-04-05 18:47:10

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Apparently, a heart-shaped Area Of Effect isn't 'sexy' enough for some people...

Welcome to the first Disgaea Infinite update of 2012, doods! For those that have forgotten what happened last time and don’t want to click on the last page to find out, here’s a Database entry just for doods like you! I admit that, for the longest time, I thought that the ‘Endings’ tab in the Database just replayed the appropriate cutscene. However, while playing around while making this entry, I discovered that they are summaries from our Prinny Protagonist’s P.O.V.! So, let’s see what he has to say, dood!

Ending No. 9 – Mao & Beryl’s Mistake

Mao, the delivery boy, caught a bunch of people for his experiments and left, dood!

It looked like Raspberyl needed to give something to Flonne, but that didn’t go too well…

That sucks for her, dood!

Mao is back in his Netherworld, and Raspberyl moved on to her next volunteer job.

Since I Possessed him, now I’m going with him as well…Gimme a break, dood!

And as this entry begins, we are back with the Defenders of Earth, doods. Since my Time Table doesn’t show what happened to Flonne between her encounter with Etna & Jennifer and when everyone was fighting over the ‘pudding’, I choose to start this loop by clinging onto the electronic member of the trio. After skipping through dialogue we’ve already seen, I jump to Flonne and leave Thursday to be molested by Mao. Robots can be molested, right, doods? Following that encounter with Etna & Jennifer at 15 o’clock, where we lose a bottle Etna may or may not do perverted things with, we’re in a new scene at the Throne Room. A Prinny is here, but it’s not our Prinny Protagonist’s prone body; it’s just a regular slacker that, according to the Time Table, Laharl would later talk to. Flonne asks the servant where Etna is in order to get her bottle back, and is directed towards Laharl’s bedroom.

It is now 17 o’clock in the game, doods, and the scene is called “Flonne’s DVD”. The Fallen Angel has found Etna just where that other Prinny told her to look, and demands her bottle back. Etna tells her to be careful of Laharl’s mess…after Flonne trips near ‘Underpant Mountain’, and drops the fuel container that Etna shoved into her hands as her ‘trade’ for the bottle, doods. Etna tells her to forget about it, and Flonne tries to tell her that returning these misplaced products to their rightful owners is the right thing to do. Etna gives in to her whining and tries to help look, while our Prinny Protagonist starts to have a bad feeling, which we should all know is a completely appropriate response at this point, doods.

We are now at the “War of Pudding?” scene, just prior to Laharl barging in and demanding the dessert that isn’t rightfully his. After Flonne complains about how she wouldn’t be able to find the floor if the room was any worse, Etna gets a sly look on her face and asks if they should play with the bottle. Laharl then walks into the room, and when it comes time to control his mind, I force him to return the ‘pudding’ he found out of the kindness of his heart, doods. After he chucks it at Flonne, she counters the hit by tossing it back at him, who retaliates by throwing it back. After a series of counter-counter-counters, the two charge at each other, and end up face-down on the ground with the ‘pudding’ on Flonne’s head.

Flonne thanks Laharl, Etna wonders if the prince hit his head, and Laharl can’t believe he just did what he did, doods. Laharl tells them not to leave him there, but Etna tells him that they’re right there, and the girls seriously wonders if he’s okay. Laharl tries to explain his actions by saying he had a bad concussion…one bad enough for him to forget he had a concussion until right now, doods. After our Prinny Protagonist muses over how Lord Laharl hates being alone, Flonne starts to explain what the ‘pudding’ really is.

One long-winded explanation we don’t actually read through later, but which apparently lasted an hour, Laharl summarizes that Etna got played and that the delivery boy knows where the real pudding is. Flonne states that everyone has the same goal now, though Laharl says that the pudding will be his and his alone if he finds it first, and I quickly switch to Etna before she can use her bottle to make sure that he doesn’t, doods. The mind control options I’m presented with are ‘Fair and square’, ‘Everyone united’, and ‘I’ll attack first’. Choosing the last one leads to Etna unleashing her ‘Sexy Beam’ attack, which completely misses Laharl because the prince was not in the effective range, and makes the prince wonder how that attack can be called ‘sexy’.

Prinny: [He’s got a special range all his own, dood…]

“Database: Special Range of Effect” has been added!

Laharl then leaves the other two to do what they want while he searches for the delivery boy, and Etna chases after him while Flonne worries that they’ll forget about her DVD, doods. Since I’m still attached to Etna when the next scene starts, we see her in the hall musing whether to focus on finding the delivery boy or stopping Laharl first. She then runs into Raspberyl, the nicer and pink-haired representative of Amazombie’s Netherworld Branch, who asks if we’re Ms. Flonne and if the DVD she has belongs to us. Etna becomes someone enraged at being mistaken for that Love Maniac, doods.

Raspberyl: “Cool down there, you hot-blooded woman! I know! How about donating some blood?”

Etna: “Don’t offer it to me like it’s some snack…Anyway, what are you talking about?”

Raspberyl: “There was a mix-up in a delivery. I’m interning as a delivery girl for today, so I’m here to exchange the goods.”

“Database: Amazombie” has been added!

“Database: Raspberyl” has been added!

FINALLY, DOODS! After obtaining almost all of the endings with her and Mao, we finally have Raspberyl’s profile, doods! …Was that a tad too enthusiastic? My apologies, doods. Moving on, doods, Etna asks the little exchanger about her Super Rare Pudding, and Raspberyl tells her that Jennifer received it. But before Etna can go and get it back from her, Raspberyl asks if she meant to say ‘trade’, and wonders where the package Etna received went to. It’s still with Flonne, so Raspberyl forces Etna into looking for Flonne together, doing some volunteer work along the way, doods.

Now, we have reached an important scene, entitled “Flonne Volunteer”, doods. For those that don’t remember, this scene was critical to reaching ending #8, “What?! No Specimens?!” Had we not mind controlled Etna into volunteering during that run, Mao would have captured her, and Raspberyl would not have been able to rescue the Defenders of Earth, doods. But that’s not the only ending this scene can lead to, doods! Depending on our actions, we can reach every ending in the game from this point on! And since System Data is a separate file, I can just make an extra save file here and avoid having to replay everything leading up to this point, doods! …Unless anyone wants to see what happens if I have Etna use that bottle at her earliest opportunity, or what happened to that slacker Prinny, doods.

And thus, doods, I will now bring thus update to a close. If anyone is interested, here are the options you can pick from next time, each of which may lead to a new and interesting ending:

  • If we don’t mind control Etna, doods…
    • We can follow Etna and watch her get captured by Mao before Jennifer’s eyes again. The question is, can we prevent Mao from getting away with it this time?
    • Save for when Raspberyl reunites with Mao in time for Ending #9, we have no idea what happens to her or Flonne from this point onwards. Want to find out?
  • If we do mind control Etna, doods…
    • We can swap over to Raspberyl and watch her foil Mao’s schemes. Earlier, we possessed Mao to reach Ending #8, but perhaps we shouldn’t depart from that pink-haired delinquent next time?
    • We can stay with Etna and Flonne as they volunteer, and watch what mayhem unfolds when Raspberyl isn’t there to supervise them.

If one of those options looks interesting, just say so, doods! And don’t forget to suggest Database entries from our Database, which can be found on the first page of this Liveblog! As always, whether one is requested or not, I’ll put an entry at the end of every update…just like this!

Area No. 8 – Netherworld

(There’s a picture of some part of Laharl’s Netherworld, with features such as floating rocks in the background and a canyon with flames at the bottom.)

A world where everything fell into ruin…that’s the Netherworld.

Or that’s what it seems like to humans or angels, but it’s actually a very interesting place where many fun things happen.

Thank you for your time, doods, and have a great day!

NEW DATABASE TERMS: Raspberyl, Amazombie, Special Range of Effect

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