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WillyFourEyes2011-04-01 07:46:34

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30: Gnarl's Cunning Plan

Elf: They say that thieves have been spotted at the new temple construction site. Goldo is so fearful that they're after his gold, that the royal halls have been locked down until they are dealt with.

Gnarl: Thieves, eh? Wouldn't want them to steal the statue before we had a chance to!

Oh, bother. Not this Mother Goddess Statue nonsense again. Whatever...if it brings me any closer to killing Gordo, then it must be done. The Mother Goddess Statue is of no real importance to me.

Gnarl: Congratulations, Sire, you have found a new Domination spell!

This, on the other hand...

[The Minions hurriedly bring the new spell back to the tower.]

Gnarl: Submission makes all nearby enemies as quiet as lambs, giving you a chance to decide how best to turn them into lamb chops!

Perfect! Now, to find a few victims to practice on.

[But instead of a willing slave, the Overlord finds an unwilling one on the brink of death.]

Elf Slave: The Mother goddess statue...stolen...they make us a new temple...

''Gnarl: I confess, Master, I have been haching somewhat of, oh...let's call it a "cunning plan". I won't bore you with details just yet, but it involves gaining access to that statue.

[The Overlord heads toward the Temple construction site. A hulking Fire Golem can be seen from a distance, guarding the statue attentively.]

Gnarl: Ah, there's the Statue. Judging by that walking cliff face down there, the Dwarves are expecting trouble. Don't disappoint them, Master.

[A few rock beasts are hidden in the cliffs, poised to strike. They roll over and crush a few Dwarves attempting to fight off the Overlord.

Gnarl: These beasts only seem deadly if you get in their way, so don't!

I never mentioned anything about fighting those creatures. All I need to do is keep them out of my way long enough to open up a gap that will lead me to the real target. This is a job that needs not be left to my Minions, even if they supposedly are the "best and brightest" of the lot.

Slave: Don't let us die serving the Dwarves!

Do you wish to die serving me instead?

Slave: Our Mother Goddes sis can they believe she is anything else?

Slave 2: Please release us from this shame!

What if I choose not to? Then what will you do? Nothing, that's what! Because you need me. You worship me. You peons would be nothing without me as your Overlord. So silence yourselves, or prepare to have it done for you!

Slave: All these rocks...where are the birds...the trees?

Slave: We are the first born! We are not meant to do hard labor!

Slave: We are to build a temple for our stolen statue! This is the greatest indignity!

I could think of many others...

[A Beholder approaches the statue, but it is chased off by the Fire Golem.]

Gnarl: Ha! As I suspected, it's the creature from the Elf Temple, Sire! Jewel, that thieving female is still after the statue!

And yet she appears to be nowhere in the vicinity. That Fire Golem is blocking the way. My Minions and my magic have no effect on it, but I could use the recklessness of those rock beasts to my advantage...

[The Overlord orders the Minions to free the rock beasts and have them topple the Fire Golem, leaving a path open to the Mother Goddess Statue]

Gnarl: Ooh, Mama... Masterful work, Sire. Now, we come to the critical phase in my cunning plan. Sweep Brown Minions onto the statue and see what happens.

[One of them discovers a "trap door" in the rear.]

Minion inside the statue: Hello?

Gnarl: Ah ha! So the old rumors were true...the statue is hollow! More Minions, Sire! More!

[A few more are loaded into the statue.]

Gnarl: Good! I'm sure that Jewel will be back once she sees the coast is clear. I doubt she knows the secrets of the statue. When they arrive in her Domain, your Minions will creep out and start looking for a Gate. Let us leave this place...give her a chance to do her dirty work in peace! you want to let her lead us to their hideout, huh? Brilliant, Gnarl! In the meantime, I think I will just take another..."souvenir" as we wait.

[The Overlord takes a Minion Control Disk from the battlefield, increasing the size of his army yet again. Right on schedule, the Beholder returns to the scene to snag the statue, unaware that the Minions are still hiding inside it.]

Gnarl: There they go! The Minions will contact me when they have activated a Gate for you. Then you may spread your Evil Domain even further, Sire. Won't that be nice?


Apr 1st 2011 at 8:31:46 AM
Yeesh, and I thought I was wanting for comments. Seriously, it's weak how nobody's talking about this, since you're actually constructing a narrative here.
Apr 1st 2011 at 4:31:09 PM
It's no problem. The older posts were carried over from the forum before the LB section was archived. Too bad I couldn't preserve them all..