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WillyFourEyes2011-01-11 07:42:05

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74: The Grimoire of Time

After doing his daily farm work at the Green Ruins, Raguna visits the graveyard outside the church. Candy is standing in front of a large hole, crying. She says that she found the hole while she was going chasing after spirits, and she dropped a doll that she received from Cinnamon. She last saw Marco enter the hole in an attempt to retrieve the doll, but he hasn't returned yet.

Raguna drops into the hole, placing him near the chamber where he fought Iris Noire. Marco is trapped behind a block of ice, as the ceiling collapsed on him during his search for Candy's doll. Raguna smashes it with his own hammer, freeing Marco and retrieving Candy's doll. He searches around the village for Marco and Candy, looking for them at their usuall hangout spots. He eventually finds Marco at home, being scolded by his mother for going into the Snow Ruins where it's dangerous. The doll eventually finds its way back into Candy's hands, and she is overjoyed to see him again. She tells Raguna "I love you", which makes Marco furious. (Ahahahaha...)

Raguna goes back into the hole and breaks into the rune chamber, where Gelwein has trapped Mist. Her poweres have made the Dark Rune grow even larger, much faster than the Irises could have done on their own. Raguna tries to attack Gelwein, but the power of the Runes rejects him, and spirits Gelwein and Mist away to his secret fortress. In his carelessness, Gelwein leaves behind a book called the Grimoire of Time, whose words are literally jumping off the page. Raguna reads them aloud to himself:

"Pray to heaven with a song as the winds caress me. Send a prayer up to the light so that it might help me see. Searching through my memories, memories, my memories for you."

The words sound like song lyrics, but Raguna can't make sense of them. He turns the book over to Kanno if he can decipher the script within the book.

Raguna, feeling depressed over not being able to help Mist right away, turns in early for the day. That night, he has another of those freaky "voice-only" dreams.

"I really wish I didn't have to do this...but if I don't quarantine you in a different world, in time you'll absorb all the Runes, making this world uninhabitable for any creature. Although this was your idea, making you take responsibility for everything is just... We are terribly sorry... We as We have failed you as your parents. Please, wait for us. Even if it takes a lifetime, we'll come to get you. Until then..."

"I don't wanna be alone...but if I don't bear this pain, everyone else will die. I want that even less than being alone, so I need to stay strong... Everyone else will be happy as long as I alone stay strong. As long as I alone..."


Jan 11th 2011 at 3:56:36 PM
Those game writers, taunting us with background clues that hint at a greater plot we will never know.

Speaking of taunting, Candy's flirting with Raguna is rather creepy, yet seemingly self-aware.
Jan 11th 2011 at 4:46:48 PM
Yeah...I think she's doing it deliberately to tease Marco.