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WillyFourEyes2010-12-27 06:13:07

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73: What's Eating Gelwein?

Raguna is still looking for answers. Since the Irises are busy with their song at present, he seeks help from someone else who might know about the Runes. He revisits the broken-down clock tower to speak with Kanno, but Kanno tells him that he still needs more time to learn about Gelwein. He does have time to tell Raguna about how Cinnamon first got involved with magic, but doesn't tell him why she stopped working on it. Raguna hopes that doing some fishing will help him take his mind off of the current situation. It doesn't, but he certainly gets a lot of fresh fish out of the deal.

He finally decides that he's tired of looking scary with his pumpking head mask, so he tucks it away into the container and fashions for himself a nice set of cat ears. They breathe easier, and give him a small defensive boost.

Lute isn't at his usual hangout spot outside the church in the morning, so Raguna kills some time until he can go meet up with him at Town Square. Unfortunately, he doesn't have anything new to sell to Raguna, so he stands around, hoping to find inspiration for a new painting. Tabatha is also at Town Square, watching the waterfall. She says she has a craving for rice porridge, and she wonders if she's weird for liking it because it's usually given to sick people.

Back at the Clock Tower, Kanno has discovered some information on Gelwein. He used to work for the Imperial Magic Research Center in the Kingdom of Norad. Raguna thinks it's similar to the Imperial Magic Academy where Kanno and Cinnamon worked, but Kanno doesn't like that comparison. The Research Center was working on a way to make effective use of Runes. Gelwein was hated by the higher-ups there, but his skill was unmatched. Over time, Gelwein spent more and more time research the use of Runes as weapons of destruction. This sort of research was forbidden in Norad, of course, so he was fired. Now, Gelwein is hiding out here in Trampoli, platting revenge against the Norad monarchy and the research center for kicking him out. He sends Raguna on his way, but not before mumbling something about strawberry shortcakes...

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