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WillyFourEyes2010-12-13 15:34:16

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72: A Mist-ing Persons Case

So now that Mist has gone missing, Raguna wants to conduct a one-man search party to go after her, but he has no idea where to begin. Should he go back into the Snow Ruins to see if he can find anything beyond the Rune chamber? Would it make more sense to take the battle directly to Gelwein on Whale Island? W Ithout any concrete leads to follow, he resumes his daily farming activities (a few hours later than usual, due to him passing out again), and then pays a visit to the library in hopes of finding some new clues, but to no avail. Selphy doesn't have any new books to offer him, nor can he locate Kanno, so he goes on his way to look for answers on his own.

He climbs the vine to the Great Whale again, and for the first time in a while, the Whale speaks to him:

"A Spirit Song...I have not heard it in some time..."

Raguna tells the Whale that it was Iris' Spirit Song that was calling the spirits underground all this time.

"Unfortunately, it will be difficult...The power summoning the Spirits to the underground is too strong. At this rate... Unless the source of that power is stopped, I will continue to fail... Raguna, please discover what's causing the Spirits to gather under the ground. Please..."

The two Irises are in their tower, singing to try to counteract whatever it is that's happening deep underground, but it's not doing much good. Raguna himself isn'ts ure what to do, as he hasn't made any headway in the Snow Ruins. He concedes that he isn't going to be able to get anything new done unless he has an epiphany of some sort. Somewhere, he can hear Gelwein laughing at him and Mist...

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