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Live Blog Let's Watch the "7-Year Old and Needs More Love" Sketch Comedy
ACDrawings2010-12-12 17:55:48

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Field Guide to Homo Mortuus

  • Welcome to Loading Ready Labs's guide to zombies.
  • This is dull. Very very dull.
  • Perhaps it's because they don't use their own original footage, maybe it's becuase it's in black and white, but this is BORING.
  • Perhaps it's meant to be absurd, I mean it is a field guide to zombies basically saying "Hey, they're endangered you punk, stop killing these beautiful beautiful creatures!"
  • Huh, now I'm starting to see why people hate environmentalists.

The Proces

  • Oh, Good evening, didn't hear you come in. Greetings and welcome to Ask That Guy With the Neck beard.
    • "How do you make a Loading ready Run Video?"
    • That's a very good question, you see find the pure and innocent souls of talentless Canadians, becuase really? Who care about Canadians. Those syrup drinking bastards. Oh right, innocent soulless Canadians, then we sodomize them with a saudering iron and sacrifice their desecrate bodies to our Lord Kevin Butler, God of all Evil Internet Sketch comedy. Yes.
  • Okay, that joke went too long, now the actual video...
  • Who knew it was so boring to make pure gold?
  • Ha ha ha, Graham is an egotistical jerk. Classic. Too classic actually. So Classic it's not quite funny any more.
  • Writing out the funniest guys on the site was probably a poor move, especially when one of them is a six foot ten soulless ginger.
  • These guys are so meta they read the scripts of the videos they're doing as they're doing it, dear lord they're so complicated about this meta thing all the danged time!
  • Man, Paul has a terrible voice for acting, it' so... static and it lack inflection. Okay, this is supposed to be funny, not technical, right?
  • Oh Graham, you're just an Egotist, Blaming everything on your sole business partner!
  • Fruit baskets... Fruit baskets? You pay your cameraman in manga?
  • Wow, Graham's taste in porn is... What the hell? Midgets and donkeys? That's so tame! He could do so much better than that, This is the INTERNET, man!


  • Oh wait, this is a direct sequel? Of the previous vid? Righteous.
  • Uh Morgan. Your hats are changing.
    • Cheese
    • Star Trek
    • And uh, sumthin' else.
  • This is not a joke, this is sick, Morgan, you're sick.
  • I have to agree with Graham on this one. Connor, are you high? How can you tell if the dead body is or is not Paul?
    • No wait, he has to be stoned, someone seeing a dead body would be a lot more devastated.
  • Graham's acting is impressive though.
  • Oh yes, men don't cry, remember that ladies and gents. You have to "Take it like a man"
  • Asking for a computer? That'... Dark..... After someone died.
  • Now that I think about it, Graham should've known something was up, nobody would react this way about a dead guy.
  • At least Morgan's having fun.
    • Hah hah, they made you think your friend was dead when he wasn't. Hah ha ha, such comedy gold DOUCHES!
  • Wait? He really is dead? What a TWEEST!

The Aftermath

  • A direct continuation of the previous video. Where we find out that....
  • So... What did happen Paul?
  • I believe we all remember when Graham wrote everyone out. That rascal Graham, the bugger he is.
  • He woke up around Zombie? Like The Homo Mortuus video?
  • I don't think death counts as getting someone into character. That's just stupid. And technically murder
  • They should be going to to jail for this.
    • This Conner jerk is a murderer
      • And I bet Morgan isn't here becuase he's an accomplice! The magnificent bastard!
  • Wow, Morgan moves fat. Why isn't he a superhero? What's Audowa?
    • Well if he wasn't dead before, he's definitely dead now!
  • Bring someone back from the dead. Genius, where are the sepllbooks? Oh wait, necromancy is evil, huh...
  • What "personal use" would one need jumper cables for? Anyone? Anyone? Bondage? Painful bondage? Electro-Eroticism? Through me a bone here.
  • The Nervous system is a feeling thing. So the ''Most sensitive part of the body".... WHY GOD WHY!? I mean, My testicles are cringing in pain just me thinking about it!
  • Wait, that means.... They cooked He genitals? EW! Now he's impotent! That's probably why he's so asexual in future episodes, he must've replaced his human lust with a lust for science! He' empty inside! Oh god, who knew sex would be so important?
  • Lye? I really need to find out what the heck Lye is... "Lye is used to cure many types of food... Both solid dry lye and lye solutions are highly corrosive and will degrade organic tissue..."
  • Yeaah.... That would have never worked.
    • At all.
      • Period
        • I mean seriously, WHAT THE HELL!?
  • Okay, the hiding the body in plain sight thing is actualyl pretty clever, but the "Homo Mortuus Reserve?"
  • I havea sudden urge to make a music video with Paul singing 'Re:Your Brains'.
    • And Because Paul is [[Portal stillAlive]]
      • You see, it's funny becuase Jonathan Coulton also wrote Still Alive.
        • Yes...? No...? Come one, ha ha?
          • God I suck...
  • I wonder Paul's lust for science is him trying to find a cure for his Zombie-ism....

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