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Revelations: Let's Read Christain Humber Reloaded
The liveblog is fairly good so far, although it does move somewhat quickly.

The fic is something of a So Bad, It's Good Guilty Pleasure, with no plot or characterization whatsoever, but it has some nicely over-the-top action, amusingly cliche lines and parts in which the author clearly didn't think things through (for example, Season Bringer's size and weight).

I particularly liked the part where Vash has to explain what "let's open a can of whoopass" means.

The part about "school" is particularly nonsensical, since Vash was 6 years old when he escaped the lab, spent 16 years on the run, served 5 years in prison, and 10 years passed between when he got oout and when he met Soku again, making him at least 37 years old (and this isn't even the last Time Skip)

On that regard, Soku is potentially in her thirties, depending on when she got reanimated, and is no longer a child.

Incidentally, the webcomic (I suspect you've seen or at least heard of it, since the link is to that site) ended up getting stopped because Christian Humber and his family complained. Here's hoping the same thing doesn't happen to this liveblog.
@Valiona: I mentioned the comic and its discontinuedness.

Whereas American Kitsune stuck to story format while Sonichu stuck to comic format, Christian Humber Reloaded manages to do both. Mind you, the comic was 1) created by another author and 2) discontinued, not because the author was lazy or in Chris-chanís case, because he was getting so much hatred that it drained his creativity, but because he was asked to by the authorís parents themselves.
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