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Let's get recursive in here and read Fallout: Equestria sidefics
Ooh, someone who isn't from the thread. Neato.
Wow, I never expected anyone to reply to the introduction. And no, I don't generally go to that thread, even though I know of it's existence.

Good to have a perspective from the outside, right?
Heh. Yeah. It's a bit more fun.

I did a liveblog on the original. Admittedly, my experience with the sidefics is limited. I'm stalled on chapter 6 of PH, a fic which I'm also liveblogging, though I have read Murky Number 7 (haven't read the most recent chapter, granted) and Duck and Cover.
Yeah, just he starting premise of Stable 99 is such a massive insult to.. everything the original stood for... it just gets worse from there. Be prepared for everything good and great and important about the original to get twisted, ignored, retconed, or just destroyed all in service to Somber's grand vision of how FOE should have been like. rape, more rape, suffering, pain, angst, whining, more rape, making every character not created by him useless and just pawns of the real characters behind everything, namely his, and then add on some more angst and rape.
"Oh, don't you start with the single words there. That's the original's shtick."

Oh one thing this excels at, it's stealing ideas or, everything it can really, from the original and twisting it to it's own version where it's really the one that's true and important, and the real story of how things went.
" Or is that just Blackjack's usual stupidity?"

Apparently BJ's whole shtick is being whinny and emo and moping and angsty about everything and never actually learning anything.

And they diverged the instant Somber came up with his twisted not so little rip of of a great story.
Wow, this is a fun liveblog so far. I read the original FO:E, and I felt really disappointed. Poor pacing, shitty protagonists (OK, Steelhooves was interesting, and Calamity had his moments), felt pretty dull for a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by magical ponies, Memory Orb side-stories were more interesting than Pip's sex life and self-pitying, the list is a bit long. Am hesitant on reading Project Horizons, because while it definitely seems interesting, the liveblog isn't giving me the best impression.