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EVERY Animorphs book reviewed by Me
Some real Early Installment Weirdness here, most notably the infamous error where Jake uses thought speak as a human. The rest I won't point out for possible spoilers.

They really make a surprising amount of progress here considering how long the series lasted; by the end I was half wondering if the Yeerks would be defeated right here and the rest of the series would be about something else.
Indeed. And Tobias sucks his finger because his cat scratched him earlier even though that injury should have been healed by his morphing. And yet later, Marco explains out why morphing heals them...

I had the opposite reaction; I was wondering how they were going to manage to "blow up the Yeerk pool" when they didn't have any explosives. Still, it's true, they were really on fire for the first few books! Then things would settle down to Monster Of The Week.