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Fun with Ripoffs and Sues: Rika Liveblogs Gyro: Dark Chronicles!

I like Linkin Park too, but I understand why others might not, especially when it's used for someone's questionable Fan Film. This... doesn't sound like a good one.
I think Gyro is knocked out when Zero was talking about his sister. That's what I took from that scene.
Zero here is actually a palette swap of Shadow, not Knuckles. Meanwhile, the gray guy (who is apparently named Ooze?) is Chaos.
@ Beary: Indeed. And, as kinda-sorta mentioned above, it really doesn't help that some of the old-school Linkin Park songs (not just "Crawling", but..."Somewhere I Belong", "Numb", "Runaway"—not to be confused with the Kanye West song of the same name, and the actually-okay "Breaking the Habit") were used in so many AMVs/videos. Granted, some of them aren't as memetic as "Crawling", but still.

@ Psyga: That does make sense.

@ Mezzopiano: Oh. I do apologize, it's been fixed. And I only guessed the character's name being Ooze because, at times, the Microsoft Sam voice acting isn't entirely clear.
Shadvic is a recolor of Silver, who is male, so... probably a guy? It's not exactly easy to tell.
I think it specifically states that Shadvic is female, around...Part 4 or 5. It doesn't help that Microsoft Sam (or whatever the hell the creator used for the voices) had a higher pitch when it came to Shadvic's dialogue.
I hate to do this, but I might want to correct you on that PMMM comparison.

"Too much light energy and you be a God." Not really. Only one person managed to become a God, and that was because A) She worded her wish very carefully (see the shows Crowning Moment Of Awesome page to see how) and B), the ensuing paradoxes make so she has to be God.

"Too much dark energy and you get destroyed." In PMMM, you just become a Cosmic Horror, or if in the new timeline, get taken to "Magical Girl Vanhalla" by the aforementioned Goddess. You don't really get "destroyed" in Madoka for having too much Dark Energy, unless you count that one scene in Episode 9.

Also, this:

it took ages and has 110 frames exactly! This almost killed my computer publishing it.

One of the most funniest descriptions I've seen, because he's trying to make it sound like this is Super Mario Brothers Z. I think that's where he draws inspiration for this.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
...yeah, sorry about that. But it just...reminded me slightly of that. I will admit to not doing the research, and I apologize.

And that...the comment about how it has 110 frames, I didn't even bother with it. That being said, it does raise a question, namely...what the hell type of computer he even has if making the final part nearly crashed his computer?
That's alright. I liked the nod regardless.