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A Liveblog of Ice and Fire: Book 3a
Long summary is long.
Lannister country = The Westerlands
Jaqen is from a guild of assassins that worship the Many-Faced God, not R'llhor. Otherwise, a quite competent summary, which for ASOFAI is a lot.
There's a good few mistakes in here... Like, Westeros is about the size of South America, not Britain. It's Arryn, not Arynn. (Sorry for the grammar fascism). The land of the Lannisters' is called the Westerlands. etc... It's good though. Nice bit of info.
There's currently a big debate about whether Judi Dench or Maggie Smith should play Olenna.

Oh god, The Bear and the Maiden Fair. Do yourself a favor and don't bring that up on any message boards. You will get burned no matter what side you come down on.

  • ahem*

This book does wonders for Jaime. It's amazing how much you can grow to like someone who you first met throwing a kid out a window.
"Also, Daenerys apparently is in the habit of sleeping naked with one of her handmaidens, who is also naked. Make of that what you will."

Sometimes I get the feeling that GRRM like Dany a little too much...
Ygritte is going to be played by Gwen from Downton Abbey in the show. Kind of paying them back for Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) going on that show's second season.
You can really feel Martin building up to a real climax here, since he originally intended to do a five year Time Skip before book 4. Then he realized how awkward it would be to talk about what everyone was doing all that time, so he might as well just do it in real time. A lot of fans thus think books 4 and 5 are a letdown after this one, but I'm one of the weirdos who likes them all.
Oh, this is cool. I'm about halfway through A Storm of Swords for the first time myself. Look forward to reading along with your blog!
@Eegah: I wonder why he couldn't just have written books 4 and 5 to take place over five years.

@montagohalcyon: Technically, I'm a quarter of the way through. The third book was split in two for the market I live in, and I am at the moment slightly past the halfway point of the first volume.
That's one of the most common interpretations, yes.
IIRC penicillin was discovered in mould on oranges.

What, seriously? I know people in the Middle Ages were a lot raunchier than we generally imagine, and in these books they are randier still, but even so, that sounds like something even the Romans would consider a bit crass.

No, it's not. It's one of the actual, historical details. (in some settings there'd even be a formal inspection of the sheets afterwards to see that the marriage had been consummated)

I had also heard penicillin was first discovered in bread mold. A brief check of That Other Wiki has not enlightened me, it could be either.

I often take stated ages in fiction with a grain of salt. Probably due to RP Gs. Also, if Tyrion's a paedophile so are a lot of people in these books, he's hardly the only one to think Sandra attractive. Those two things plus him not actually acting on his body's reactions or the expectations of the other nobility made it...awkward...but not hate-inducing for me.

I still find Tyrion more sympathetic than Cersei so far but I hear you get her viewpoint in the next book so that might change my opinion like it did for Jaime somewhat.

I haven't actually read a chapter in months and don't recall anything from your description of 28 so that must be about where I stopped. Should pick it up again before I get spoiled, but I'm also trying to catch Eegah's Wheel of Time blog...