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It's the Wandoliveblog! Let's play MySims Kingdom!
Gender: Female Name: Kara

Lo and behold, right when the mental strain of university was starting to get to me, the new Nyperoid liveblog has begun! And it sounds a lot like the opening to the original...which makes me feel a little bad for how much I've ignored my own liveblog. Oh, well; nobody ever said that these things were speedruns, right?

For a gender, I'd like to vote for female. And for a name, perhaps to continue a gag about faux-Chess Motifs, call her Pawn...though I admit that it would be hard to find a second story behind that name, especially in a medieval setting like this.
Hey, a new update! Witty comments, pointing out details, making sure to have fun along the way...I must say, it certainly seems like happy days are here again! Now if only I could gather up the motivation to do the same with my own liveblogs...

And now, it gives me great pleasure to contribute to this project via voting. Both destinations sound like interesting options; one sounds like it'll add Wild West elements to a Medieval setting, which ought to be interesting to see, but the word 'nature' reminds me of a rockin' elf from your last My Sims liveblog. My vote's for Renée's Nature Preserve, but if other commenters outnumber me, know that I'll be just peachy no matter what happens next.

...One last thing. I'm not sure if it counts as Fridge Logic, but I think it makes sense that the house in your first test didn't have a door. Putting the fact that it was just a test aside, who else would use it but Marlon, who would probably prefer teleporting inside even if a door was right in front of him?
Hmm, could be.

Perhaps I should note that the term "medieval setting" only really applies to a couple of islands that I can think of, and one was Capital Island. (And even it had a toaster oven, though we never saw it.)

Although maybe you could count that one island that has a medieval setting within the setting...
Did we just explore a nature preserve, or a glorified zoo? 'Tis a conundrum that will be explored in due time, I suppose. Other than that, it looks like everything's going quite well, and I wish you luck in the land of ten gallon hats and rodeo clowns.
This is a really great liveblog! I should really get this game someday so I can experience the... uniqueness for myself.

Can't wait for the next installment!
And yet another island has become a better place thanks to the efforts of Kara. Almost instantly, it transformed from a seemingly boring rustic setting with a pizza parlour as its only point of interest, to a seemingly boring rustic setting where everyone is friends! Here's hoping that you continue to find success when medieval magic and fututistic technology inevitably cross paths at your next destination.
My oh my, look at all of those options! And of these radically different locations, I think that I would most prefer finding out more about Spookane. My reason for this is, while I certainly enjoyed the antics of that elf from your previous project, there was also a fanged female I'm interested in that didn't get much time in the spotlight due to her supposed antagonistic role. And if I was searching for a lady that wanted to bite my face, Spookane is where I would start my search. However, should anyone else prefer you take a different path, I would insist that you listen to them instead; I've been the sole suggester plenty of times in the past, and I'd feel bad for discouraging others from speaking their mind.

As always, I am enjoying how your updates are both descriptive and highly amusing. Keep up the good work...oh, and Happy Holidays!
Well, that was a fun little adventure. It's nice to see such a creepy-looking cast of characters just enjoying themselves and having fun in their natural habitat. Even Morcubus seemed like a reasonable fellow in this outing, rather than the malevolent entity he played in Agents.

For my next vote, I suppose I'll go with The Forest of the Elves. Thanks for another wonderful chapter, and have a marvelous day!
Another realm completed, another group of friendly souls helped...even if one of them found the island's problem to be too great a concern to even properly introduce herself. A bit of a shame that Leaf was so problematic, considering how handy he was in Agents, but at least he stepped up to help when it truly counted. Another marvellous chapter, Nyperold!

As for a choice...well, if someone else has someplace in particular in mind, then I think it would be best to go with that choice. I have already seen the options I found interesting get picked, after all. However, if absolutely nobody else decides to leave a friendly comment, then I pick...Candypalooza. Simply because I like the name more. Have a nice day!
Another wonderful update or two. I do not come to the Liveblogging section as often as I used to (or as often as I should, considering how many projects I've left incomplete). Still, I do love your sense of humour, and your inclusion of just enough detail to cover things without being boring. I do hope that you are doing well, and that the rest of this project is as fun to read about as what has come before.

As for where to go next...well, there are a few characters we have already run into that I think are fascinating. But even if you do not have to rush to the ending, I think that it would be wise to travel to different areas and earn new rewards. And when it comes to areas to explore, The Uncharted Isle sounds as though it could use a good exploration or two. Of course, that is just my suggestion.