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The Suburban Knights Liveblog Thing
Barren. The word you're looking for is barren.
Eerie. The word you're looking for is eerie.
Orlando. The name you're looking for is Orlando.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the car explosion was overkill. I saw it coming but totally too much.

Wait... Brain Heinz... That's the Last Angry Geek's name? He's involved this year? AWESOME! Actually, I think Brian is one of the cloaked guys.
Thanks for the corrections. (I switch to Orlando later, because I had forgotten the guy's real name.)
The bright light behind Arwen thing was how she was introduced in the movie. The scene was from Frodo's perspective and he was not entirely in the physical world at that point (ghost knives do weird things).
Liz is one of the cloaked guys, and no top billing for her, so somehow I doubt that LAG is also one of them.
Nella and Elisa were around too but they didn't get top billing. Liz is not a site contributor, Brian is. They'll probably get ending credits credit most likely. Besides, I was sort of wondering who the fat cloaked figure was and my first guess was him after you mentioned him.
Yay I think Brian is the cloaked man assumed to be Lord Kat...

Now Part 2... HOO BOY. I want to hear your thoughts.
Heh. Joe didn't simply waltz into whatever house had the address he was given without knocking. He waltzed into such a house that had visible ADT stickers.
"That laugh is spot-on Tigger, so much so that it's kind of scary." - Pretty sure they were referencing the Cowardly Lion from Oz.

Also, I'm sure Critic is aware of Willow. The joke is that Willow is supposed to be a Hobbit-like creature, and the guy playing him in this is huge.
@brc2000: I know the Lion's what they were going for, but it still sounded (to me at least) like Tigger. And I wrote this before I was aware that Doug picked the costumes. So, yeah.
Willow in the movie Willow is good at sleight of hand and being a determinator. Other than that, as far as I recall, he's just a halfling dude.

I personally disagree on the not-Harry-Dresden front. If my Lynch-sense is correct in tingling, he's pretty clearly not a human being. I found him genuinely menacing.

I don't think Joe's supposed to have the machine gun yet.

Actually, I wonder if that will be a plot point. "We were fighting better back when we had slapstick and magic guns and stuff!"
some context for the Lambchop line I didn't have a problem with the line since it was part of my childhood too.
@FurikoMaru: Thanks for clearing that up. I, personally, don't think Orlando's terrifying more because of his personality (at least the way he was portrayed yesterday) than anything else, so him not being human doesn't do much for me. Just my opinion.

@MousaThe14: I didn't have a problem with the line. As I mentioned yesterday, it'd be hypocritical of me to complain about references I don't get and squee over ones I do when there's probably plenty of non-Python fans and non-Princess Bride fans watching.

@FalconPain: A twist on the "Be Yourself" idea, perhaps? Because being other people isn't really helping?
Also, I thought the bloodless carnage was because the weapons are obviously fake so the only damage they can do is concussive.
... You ever gonna finish this?
Yeah. My computer's busted, though, so I've mostly been borrowing other people's. And you can't save drafts with this. Once my computer's fixed I'll wrap this up.

Nice to see someone cares, though.
I hope you get your computer fixed soon. Both 'cause this is a nice review, and because it sucks having a broken computer.
Linkara wasn't too happy at being written as joining the mocking of the Witch, seeing it as out of character. I agree.

Just about every commentary has regrets that Tom spraying the Witch with Mace wasn't more clearly shot.

My favorite behind the scenes story of this is how Doug couldn't remember the Gate Cleaner's name, so he called him the Dungeon Master in the script, which led to Spoony not realizing he was expected to film those scenes until the main shoot was over and Doug asked him "I'll need that Dungeon Master stuff within the next couple weeks, okay?"