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A series of racing games, comprising Street Legal from 2003 (commonly referred to as SL1) and 2005's sequel Street Legal Racing: Redline. Created by Hungarian company Invictus Games, the creators of 1NSANE and Level-R / Project Torque / HEAT Online.

In December 2014, Invictus put up a Indiegogo page for a potential sequel to the series, Street Tuning Evolution.

No connection to the Bob Dylan album or the Canadian television series.

Street Legal and Street Legal Racing: Redline contain examples of:

  • The Alleged Car: Most of the cars you can buy from the used car dealer (especially the only ones you can buy with the starting amount of funds) are in poor shape, occasionally missing important components such as wheels or an engine and - in SLRR - with textured-on rusty paint.
  • Autosave: SLRR automatically saves the game when entering or exiting the garage, as well as when quitting. The less preferred patch 2.3.0LE removes this.
  • Bland-Name Product:
    • All of the cars in both SL1 and SLRR are slightly obscured, non-badged versions of real cars to avoid licensing restrictions.
    • The Duhen Sunstrip, one of the starter cars in SLRR, is a copy of the Honda CRX Del Sol. Similarly, the Ninja is a lookalike to the Honda Civic.
  • Cool Car / Pimped-Out Car: Basically any car once you are done building it. May also cross into Rice Burner, depending how the car is modified. Keeping your car in good condition is apparently rewarded by SLRR, because night racing appears to award more money if you have a car in better condition judged by the "Prestige" mechanic. Entering the Race of Champions also requires a nicer car.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Lots of them, most notably that in SLRR, it can be difficult to keep the game running in the city, preventing any progress in career mode. Worse for copies of the game without patches. SL1 is more stable, seeing as it is essentially a "release quality" game, whereas it is widely acknowledged that Invictus never finished SLRR.
  • Made of Plasticine: The automotive equivalent of this happens if you crash into something at high speed. The car distorts into a pancake shape and all the body parts fall off, rather than the expected result.
  • No Fair Cheating / Easy-Mode Mockery: In SLRR, using the money cheat code "begformoney" makes the announcer say "You lose!". Use of this code is all but required for building show cars, thanks to the difficulty of grinding for money without losing it in repairs between races. The code is therefore ubiquitous enough that its use is generally regarded as part of a default "free-build mode", rather than doing a standard career run.
  • Permadeath: In SL1, it is difficult to rebuild cars from heavy damage because it involves removing every single part from the car and repairing all of them. Moreover, the chassis drops to the floor if it is repaired because of gravity in the car garage, damaging it, meaning it is impossible to restore it to 100% condition. In SLRR, parts cannot be repaired to 100% condition, even though all-in-one repair of every car part at once has been implemented.