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Let's Play (and snark at) Riviera: The Promised Land!
Rose or Cierra sound nice I guess. Never heard of this game, so I am curious.
Rose! I always liked her best. Never finished the game, so I'd love to see the ending.
This is a game I always wanted to play but could never find time for.

I vote for Sierra.
Ah, I have fond memories of this game. I've been meaning to play the rerelease (I own a cheap, preowned and w/o a manual copy), but I'd made such progress in the GBA version that I wasn't sure if it was worth starting from scratch again. Perhaps reliving my experiences through this liveblog will reawaken my interest in the game...or at least goad me into trying out that PSP version of Knights in the Knightmare that's been gathering dust on my shelf.

As for voting, I'm going to go with Fia, mainly to diversify the vote.
Oh, those darn Wisps and whatnot. I thought it was unique and interesting that the amount of things you can explore is directly connected to your performance in battles, and that you could easily miss some things by spending your points unwisely...or in some cases, 'seemingly' wisely. But I must admit, it does make a certain list a pain to fill out, even with more than one playthrough. Best of luck with it!
I'm going to vote: Go for Lina's ending.

The Rosier, if you have it, teaches Ein Terre Promise: Level 2, 6-hit Holy-elemental attack, power of 163, piercing; and Fia Cadenza: Level 3, 8-hit Holy-elemental attack, power of 184, unblockable, last two hits are piercing.

It is also apparently possible to have a Shield by this point, which teaches:
  • Ein: Shield Barrier: Level 1, raises guard on party
  • Fia: Force: Level 1, restores 20% HP and raises guard on party
  • Lina: Shield Slugger: Level 2, deals 25% max HP to back row
I tried to get a Shield, actually, but the mage just refused to use his summoning ability. Even when I specifically set up a battle that had the party sitting around for several rounds doing nothing.

I figured that it wasn't worth trying to get him to do it any further than I already had, since there'll be fights later that have the enemy that drops them to start off.
I remember playing this game when it first came out for the GBA back in 2005 or so. It was my first exposure to the typical cookie-cutter anime rom-com humor (oh the damage it must have caused). I remember it okay game, and I was willing to overlook some of its storytelling flaws thanks to the graphical style (minus the environment copypasta) and the music. It's certainly interesting to look back on it six years later with a new perspective and snark at the triter aspects.
Well, I think you're doing a wonderful job...though I must admit, those Mushrooms always bugged the heck out of me. Especially since there's something special you can only get if you DON'T have the identifying book. I mean, who'd in their right mind would willingly give up a key item unless they knew this beforehand? ...Ah, well; at least Cierra's here now. Celebrate good times, c'mon!

By the way, I finally looked up what Not-Vit means. Apparently, moves with it will 'ignore enemy properties'. What are enemy properties? Is Vitality a property? I've got no clue, but I suppose this is better than nothing.
Actually, the meaning of the "ignore enemy properties" bit is what I was wondering. I did use the knife on two different enemies in one practice fight, though, and there was minimal damage difference; that seems to suggest that it's only using one of the enemy's defense stats (though it could also be something useless like ignoring any status buffs, which barely ever come into play).

Oh well, at least it tries to explain what it does, and doesn't list special abilities as just a single number that you can only find the meaning of on one screen so you don't even know if that ability you just unlocked is good or bad. *coughknightsinthenightmarecough*
I wonder, is there any particular reason why insects are so powerful in the world of video games? First there's the amazing termites from the Ogre Battle liveblog, and now there's a beehive that can wound the sacred and the profane...whichever the boss of the chapter happens to be, I suppose. That's rather impressive for something you can murder with a flyswatter...
Oh, those mushrooms. Once per playthrough playthrough, you can one of the following with them:

  • Eat them on the spot; possibly dangerous without the book
  • Identify them, take them back to Elendia, and get one batch of rocks per shroom
  • Don't identify them, take them back, and trade all 3 at once for...well, something special

And the third of those options has always bugged me, mostly because it has to do with unlocking all of those Extra options in the main menu...
Well, Lina does happen to be the youngest member of the group, and this wouldn't be the first story where some tyke from the country seems to connect with the animals around him/her. But the part about knowing Rose's name? Yeah...unless Ein said something off-camera, we can probably blame this on Sting.

Also, I feel the need to agree with your opinion that this part of the game. Good music, interesting events, a sense of urgency for those that don't know what actions will only waste their time...the whole level is quite nice indeed.
According to the game, Fia is actually younger than Lina.
Huh, I never really considered using the mid-battle placement shift to help mitigate Sage and Fool's waltzes.
It just occurred to me at the time, really. The Fool happened to take off over half of Lina's HP with the thing, and Serene has more Strength and slightly resists dark attacks.

It is not the use I had in mind when I noted the existence of the formation change option (the actual use I was thinking of being to switch targets while going for a specific item drop). Of course, this is basically the only chapter with anything that does enough damage to warrant it, but still.
That rock-skipping bit really had fifty iterations? I just remember feeling cheated when the only thing that happened after all that was a skeleton getting knocked out.

Unless they changed it for the PSP version, the bonus chapter wasn't that bad. You're simply thrown into battle against a Bonus Boss with preset levels and a selection of generally decent equipment.
The bonus chapter actually was changed for the PSP version. Now it's a proper dungeon instead of just a bonus fight (with the chance to replace the normal party with Ledah if you've gotten Rose's ending).

As for the rock-skipping, I lost count early on. I'm pretty sure it was 50, though.
Just so you know, yeah, I read the whole thing and also Didja Redo's LP. And my feelings about this game are the same as yours: it was a good time, but with several disappointing moments. Thanks for the liveblog!