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Out Of My Jammies
Agia doesn't seem very brave here.

Good technical writing, though. I didn't notice any glaring errors or anything.

But does Agia really not know what a Paladin is?
Rather than not being brave, she feels no reason to take risks for others. That said, I may have tried putting that in a bit too hard. Everything she's doing through the adventure is auxillery to what she actually wants to do.

I wasn't quite sure if Agia actually knows if Seren is a Paladin yet, so I'm just getting to call her by a more generic description instead(which is the sort of thing she does anyways). If she does know, she doesn't really care about the distinction, at least until it's more than a few Smite Evils. I think she'd have heard of Paladins, but not really know much about it as it's not a part of her field of interest.

In any case, thanks.