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When Worlds Collide: A Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventures episode

I can't believe this actually exists. As overused as it is, bad fanfic is an accurate summation.
What the fuck is this piece of shit? Stop making this bullshit.
I'll assume it's directed at Bowser.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
You know there was once this one user called iscreamer1 who made loads of requests for certain songs, characters or plots to be in Bowser's Pooh's Adventures films, but he got so irate when ignored that he started demanding Bowser to add his requests to the movies e.g. he wanted versions of characters from the 60s Batman TV show as villains. He even complained that Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger were better than Mark Hamill (Bowser uses Hamill's Joker). He also edited the wiki to set up the 'plot' of the Pooh's Adventures of Star Wars films and ordered Bowser to follow it. I think it might have been him who got the plot twist part wrong.
Hm... Maybe. From what you just said, though, it might not be likely that he did it. I won't be surprised, though.
So you like my comment story? Thanks man! I tried to stay as close as I can to the original Kamen Rider source material. By the way, the reason why Ash is The Bee is because The Bee at the end of Kamen Rider Kabuto had no user. I picked Ash as he's one of my favourite characters and he's a human in the group. I'm thinking about making him Kaixa in the future, with some clever adjustments.