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Let's play Pilotwings!
First to comment under the new system!

EDIT: Oh, wait... comments go with each individual post... So first comment on the latest post...

And come to think of it, FIRST COMMENT is rather silly, anyways...

But I digress. Great LP, Longfellow.

You know, I was always easily amused just by skydiving and never opening the parachute. Just so slapstick to see a human-shaped crater when you land. And then to have your instructor chew you out.
TriggerLoaded (edited by: TriggerLoaded)
Thanks! Haha.

I agree. Maybe we'll see that in a bonus video. Can't put it in the normal gameplay, I need every point I can get on the 7th and 8th lessons.
Even better is when you drop from high up in the rocketbelt. You even get two different and equally funny images depending on whether you're in the side or overhead view.
That spinning eye thing Lance does looks painful...

As well, it claims Shirley is a flirt, but Lance is the one winking at you, I note.
Haha, I didn't even notice that!
Having been inspired to try out the game again, I really am in awe of how good you are. I still can't beat the second Big Al fairly, and can only pass the second Lance light plane course by sacrificing the last couple rings and making a straight shot at the runway.
Great work, Longfellow! It's just as I said back in the thread. Even if you're only half as good at Pilotwings as you are on Mario Kart, you're still an amazing player.

Took me a bit to realize that you walk by your insturctors in the final procession.

I know it's perspective and all, but the salute you give Big Al looks really... weird.