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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
SeaRover Game Gourmet GameGourmet Jan 26th 2018
Basara-kun Single-Task Robot SingleTaskRobot Jan 26th 2018
Arha CoinsForTheDead CoinsForTheDead Jan 25th 2018
Quatic Hastily Hidden MacGuffin HastilyHiddenMacGuffin Jan 25th 2018
Quatic Trial Run Crime TrialRunCrime Jan 25th 2018
Quatic Net Gun NetGun Jan 25th 2018
Maniago Immunity Attrition ImmunityAttrition Jan 23rd 2018
lakingsif Techno Dystopia TechnoDystopia Jan 23rd 2018
Animeking1108 Privilege Makes You Evil PrivilegeMakesYouEvil Jan 23rd 2018
erazor0707 Experience Entitlement ExperienceEntitlement Jan 22nd 2018
Basara-kun Training Stage TrainingStage Jan 22nd 2018
TheGreatConversation Science Fiction Podcasts ScienceFictionPodcasts Jan 22nd 2018
zarpaulus Transhumans In Space TranshumansInSpace Jan 21st 2018
BlueCaper Lawful Pushover LawfulPushover Jan 21st 2018
jeez Character Action Title CharacterActionTitle Jan 20th 2018
Jubileus57 Moth Menace MothMenace Jan 19th 2018
LondonKdS Sexy Cat Person SexyCatPerson Jan 18th 2018
BeerBaron Video Game Delegation Penalty VideoGameDelegationPenalty Jan 16th 2018
Animeking1108 Catchphrase Insult CatchphraseInsult Jan 13th 2018
TheGreatConversation Ominous Adversarial Amusement OminousAdversarialAmusement Jan 13th 2018
WhirlRX Rivalry Tropes RivalryTropes Jan 12th 2018
pyroclastic Ultimate Forge UltimateForge Jan 12th 2018
RAMChYLD Fauxrrari Fauxrrari Jan 10th 2018
Korodzik Resurrection Teleportation ResurrectionTeleportation Jan 10th 2018
Jubileus57 Palatial Sandcastle PalatialSandcastle Jan 10th 2018
AndreaTx School Is Murder SchoolIsMurder Jan 9th 2018
JustTroper Heroic Russian Emigre HeroicRussianEmigre Jan 9th 2018
lakingsif Audio Diegesis AudioDiegesis Jan 9th 2018
BreadBull Likes Clark Kent, Hates Superman LikesClarkKentHatesSuperman Jan 9th 2018
Tarhalindur In-Universe Soundtrack InUniverseSoundtrack Jan 9th 2018
ginsengaddict Pen Pals PenPals Jan 8th 2018
DustSnitch Heaven Above HeavenAbove Jan 7th 2018
lakingsif Action Genre ActionGenre Jan 5th 2018
Existential_Tempest Artifact of Power ArtifactOfPower Jan 4th 2018
Chabal2 Embarrassing Superpower EmbarrassingSuperpower Jan 3rd 2018
TheWanderer Artificial Afterlife ArtificialAfterlife Jan 3rd 2018
SirHandel3 Cute Indignant Girl Stance CuteIndignantGirlStance Jan 2nd 2018
lakingsif Space Isolation Horror SpaceIsolationHorror Jan 1st 2018
EdnaWalker Animal Species Accent AnimalSpeciesAccent Jan 1st 2018
AndreaTx Defends Against Their Own Kind DefendsAgainstTheirOwnKind Dec 31st 2017
mightymewtron Garbage Hideout GarbageHideout Dec 30th 2017
lakingsif Extra Long Episode ExtraLongEpisode Dec 30th 2017
FactoidCow Sdrawkcab Speech SdrawkcabSpeech Dec 28th 2017
lakingsif British Humour BritishHumour Dec 27th 2017
Pichu-kun Stock Shoujo Heroine StockShoujoHeroine Dec 26th 2017
TaleOn113 Bad Ol' Badger BadOlBadger Dec 26th 2017
trumpton360 Vacation Films VacationFilms Dec 25th 2017
AHI-3000 Insanely International Ancestry InsanelyInternationalAncestry Dec 23rd 2017
Scifimaster92 Canadian Movies CanadianMovies Dec 22nd 2017
yisfidri No Listening Skills NoListeningSkills Dec 21st 2017