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Thief With a Heart of Gold

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A nice thief

This trope has been Nuked
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FossilFighterR.B.P. on Mar 10th 2014 at 7:00:20 AM
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FossilFighterR.B.P. on Mar 12th 2014 at 6:17:24 AM
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Thieves that are generally nice people. They may be stealing because they or their family needs the money or just because they're kleptomaniacs.

Similar to Just Like Robin Hood except that they don't always give to the poor.

Different from Loveable Rogue because they don't steal for their own profit and from Classy Cat-Burglar and Gentleman Thief because they don't have to be sophisticated.


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Feedback: 12 replies

Mar 10th 2014 at 7:51:53 AM

^Nah this is less specific than that, this could cover any good-hearted theif not just classy gentlemen theives.

That said this might be a trope but it needs a lot of work.

Please put: examples section, start by saying what it actually is, not just "Similar to..." and see if you can beak that one run on sentance into 3-4 sentances

Mar 10th 2014 at 7:54:53 AM

Don't we have something like this already? Lovable Rouge or something similar. I swear we have it.

Mar 10th 2014 at 8:01:56 AM

Loveable Rogue, Gentleman Thief, Classy Cat Burglar... it's tough to say which of these covers it because the description is anemic, but it's safe to say we've got it covered.

Mar 11th 2014 at 6:28:26 AM

  • Re-wrote the Description to make it more understandable.
  • Formatted the Examples section and moved the Sly Cooper example to it.
  • Namespaced and italicized a work name.

The Laconic should never be Exactly What It Says On The Tin. It should always be a short, understandable description of the trope.

Sly Cooper is a Zero Context Example and needs to be expanded with information about how it fits this trope.

Mar 11th 2014 at 9:11:42 AM

Dunno. all of the existing thief tropes either have romantic, heroic or classy connotations.

I picture Thief With A Heart Of Gold as Avatar Wan, who stole from the rich to feed his two friends... at first, since he then evolved to Just Like Robin Hood real quick. not a spoiler, since it's the first things we learn about him.

though with such a poor grasp at writing descriptions and examples I guess there's nothing to save here.

Mar 11th 2014 at 3:53:28 PM

I got the feeling that the last paragraph was meant as a response to us. :P

Mar 11th 2014 at 4:55:04 PM

but now the description says "Similar to Just Like Robin Hood except that they don't always give to the poor." and "Different from Loveable Rogue because they don't steal for their own profit"

those are like the only two reasons people steal in fiction. For themselves and for others...

Mar 11th 2014 at 4:58:59 PM

So this is just 'a thief with a nice personality.' The description might say something about how this is a common subversion of how you might think a person who is a thief would act, or how characters are expecting a thief to act In Universe. Like Gentle Giant, otherwise it's close to Chairs. or redundant with other thief tropes.

Mar 12th 2014 at 6:17:24 AM

A likeable character with klepto tendencies: Swiper the fox from Dora The Explorer, perhaps?

Regrets, but I must agree with acrobox: the existing thief tropes heavily overlap this one. The tiny few instances that somehow dodge all of them make this concept Too Rare To Trope. M2D seconded.