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Song Of Many Emotions

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A song about emotions that includes at least three.

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I laugh when I'm happy, I cry when I'm sad, to show how I'm feeling, I growl when I'm mad. I shake when I'm frightened by a nightmare that I had, but of all these feelings, winter, spring, or fall, I like laughing when I'm happy best of all.
Ernie, Sesame Street

Many songs are about emotions. Some might be about romantic love, platonic love, sadness, anger, desire and many emotions besides, but this trope is what happens when you get a song about a whole lot of emotions. Well, three at the very least.

Maybe the song is about how the singer or the person being sung about is feeling multiple emotions at once or keeps shifting emotions (which could be because of several events that make them feel different ways happening at once, or a single complicated event that makes them feel all those emotions, or because that's just how they roll).

It could also be educational, meant to teach about the emotions it mentions, which is common in kids' works, especially if the work in question is an Edutainment Show. They'll often talk about what makes someone feel the emotions ("we're sad when someone dies, we're happy when we get ice cream, etc") or how emotions are expressed (e.g. "We laugh when we're happy, we cry when we're sad".) A common ending for the educational version is either a statement that happiness is the best/most important emotion, that all emotions are normal/acceptable, or both. Such songs tend to have generic names like "The Feelings Song" or "The Emotion Song".

The two variations can also overlap by having someone essentially have mood swings in song for educational purposes. Both versions can also be about several people feeling different emotions. The trope may also be downplayed by having the emotions be a secondary theme.

May be a List Song. Compare Colorful Song, which is this but with colors instead of emotions.

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     Fan Works 
  • The fan song "Emotional" for Inside Out features all five emotions (Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy, and Disgust) from the movie.

     Films - Animated 
  • Beauty and the Beast:
    • "Something There" is about how Belle and Beast are curious about each other, possibly starting to fall in love, but are still cautious. The servants also sing about how they're surprised that Belle and Beast might already be starting to come together.
    • Downplayed for "Be Our Guest", which mentions how Belle is scared, how the servants used to be lonely, and how they're now happy to serve her but the emotions are only a minor theme in the song.
    • "Beauty and the Beast" is about how Belle and Beast are in love, but are also surprised, confused, and a bit scared.

     Live-Action TV 
  • Hi-5: One song compares the colors of the rainbow to emotions.
  • Sesame Street:
    • "Feelings" is about the different ways to express each emotion and is sung by Ernie to little Natasha.
    • "Feeling Good, Feeling Bad" is about Ernie and Bert keeping on changing emotions. First Ernie is happy and Bert is sad, then Bert becomes angry, then cheers up but Ernie is sad, then angry, then both are happy.
    • "Big Feelings" is about the emotions Abby has about her parents' divorce. It mentions sadness, anger, and fear.
    • Downplayed for "Happy and Proud" which is about emotions felt on a birthday that are all variations on happiness: love, pride, and generic happiness. It also mentions sleepiness at bedtime, but that's not really an emotion.
    • In "Felines", a mouse observes four cats each having a different emotion and sings about how the cats are feeling.
    • "The Island of Emotion" is about an island where different areas are designated for every emotion: Happy Harbor, Weeping River (sadness), Love Lagoon, and the Woods of Yow (surprise).
    • In "I'm Sad Because I'm Happy", Oscar sings that he has three emotions (sad, happy, and mad) because of the other one.
    • "A Song About Emotions" is about how the singer expresses all of his emotions.
  • Tikkabilla has a song about feelings. Each verse goes something along the lines of "When I'm [emotion], here's what I do: I [do this action], you do it too. Show you're [emotion], and [verb] along with me, we're [emotion], you and me!"
  • Walt Disney Presents: The first color episode, "An Adventure in Color" has Ludwig Von Drake singing the "Green with Envy Blues".
Orange, you've gotta squeeze me 'Neath the mellow yellow moon So I can lose those green with envy, red with anger, purple-passionate blues

  • The kids' song Emotions personifies emotions as faces named Mr. Happy, Mr. Sad, Mr. Greedy, and Mr. Angry.
  • Zigzagged for the song If You're Happy and You Know It. Most versions only reference happiness, but a few add extra verses such as "If You're Sad and You Know It".
  • Children's songwriter Patty Shukla wrote a song called Feelings; Emotions Song, which is asks the viewer if they're feeling a host of emotions.
  • The Songdrops song "The Love Bug" parodies cliches about the effects of being in love by treating them like the symptoms of being bitten by a bug. Some of these are emotions (it can make you scared, it can knock you down so low or it can lift you up so high, it can make you shy, etc).

     Web Original 
  • Fun Kids has a song about what people do when they're feeling different emotions.
  • The Youtube kids' channel (although it's thankfully not that kind of Youtube Kids Channel) Kids TV, 1 2 3 has a song called The Feelings Song, which lists emotions (happy, sad, angry/mad, excited, and scared) but it also lists physical feelings (hungry, thirsty, sick, and tired).

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Would Billy Joel's "Always a Woman" count? Here is a link to the lyrics:

The lyrics are about the different inconsistent things the woman does, which heavily implies she is evoking different feelings from the singer, but the different emotions are never explicitly stated.

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I don't really know, I'm afraid. I can't decide if it's an Implied Trope or Not An Example.

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Does it really imply the woman is invoking different emotions? Or could she only be invoking only one, namely confusion?

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  • Walt Disney Presents: The first color episode, "An Adventure in Color" has Ludwig Von Drake singing the "Green with Envy Blues".
    Orange, you've gotta squeeze me
    'Neath the mellow yellow moon
    So I can lose those green with envy, red with anger, purple-passionate blues