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The Quick Questions About World Building ThreadPosts: 809Nov 18th 2018 at 1:11:07 PM
Fantasy Weapons, Societies, Cultures, Equipment and Mounts/Vehicles
Posts: 220Nov 19th 2018 at 11:58:27 PM
Near-Future/Sci-Fi Settings, Societies, Cultures, HistoriesPosts: 5Nov 19th 2018 at 9:09:22 PM
Sci-fi Weapons, Vehicles and EquipmentPosts: 11,795Nov 19th 2018 at 7:59:35 PM
Sci-fi Military Tactics and StrategyPosts: 8,881Nov 18th 2018 at 6:40:22 PM
Fantasy Gods, Races, Settings, Magic Systems and MiscellaneousPosts: 397Nov 15th 2018 at 1:51:01 PM
How could a Big Creepy Crawly function?Posts: 11Nov 10th 2018 at 3:43:43 PM
I need some help thinking of a ranking system for my fantasy worldPosts: 9Nov 9th 2018 at 9:56:10 PM
How would a colonized galaxy work?Posts: 34Nov 9th 2018 at 9:12:29 AM
Is an kind of "sideways" world map a good idea?Posts: 4Oct 23rd 2018 at 1:50:01 PM
How do you soul?Posts: 5Oct 23rd 2018 at 10:37:00 AM
Mention a random quirk of your worldPosts: 1,527Oct 19th 2018 at 9:38:52 AM
How would you add limits on superpowers?Posts: 7Oct 19th 2018 at 8:37:10 AM
Alternate History help on plausibilityPosts: 1Oct 18th 2018 at 11:10:32 AM
Proposed Punk-Punk subgenresPosts: 34Oct 15th 2018 at 11:05:18 AM
An Italian influenced campaignPosts: 4Oct 14th 2018 at 10:39:37 AM
Reaction to alien encounter?
Posts: 143Oct 8th 2018 at 9:32:44 PM
Moon unusual geography/structures and how they are observed from a planetPosts: 6Oct 8th 2018 at 11:08:32 AM
Magic From Technology Posts: 26Oct 4th 2018 at 9:23:55 PM
Precursor's video gamePosts: 5Sep 28th 2018 at 3:21:01 PM
On the topic of protagonists ( and the place of guns in a fantasy setting )Posts: 23Sep 23rd 2018 at 12:14:27 PM
The world of Otzi the IcemanPosts: 20Sep 23rd 2018 at 7:34:18 AM
Need help fleshing out culturesPosts: 5Sep 20th 2018 at 1:24:36 PM
How will future civilizations remember us?Posts: 16Sep 19th 2018 at 4:35:56 PM
Creating a Yugoslav Wars-esque ConflictPosts: 3Sep 13th 2018 at 2:33:50 AM
Flare Gun AmmunitionPosts: 2Sep 12th 2018 at 7:25:14 PM
Designing a "real life" town/city?Posts: 6Sep 12th 2018 at 2:00:20 PM
The Liberator(Gun)Posts: 18Sep 12th 2018 at 12:10:05 PM
Regarding the ruler of a hellish realm...Posts: 3Sep 10th 2018 at 11:31:01 PM
How could an aquatic alien race develop a technologically advanced civilization?Posts: 36Sep 8th 2018 at 5:00:26 PM
You are Hitler, now take over Europe
Posts: 197Sep 7th 2018 at 9:55:42 AM
Making a less problematic magic systemPosts: 4Sep 5th 2018 at 9:05:01 AM
Thriller set in Donbass...Posts: 11Sep 3rd 2018 at 8:27:46 PM
Creating a foreign legion military unit for a (fictional) African/Middle East countryPosts: 48Sep 2nd 2018 at 7:01:01 PM
Dyslexic elvesPosts: 8Aug 28th 2018 at 8:19:46 PM
Sci-Fi Civilian Vehicles, Equipment and TechnologyPosts: 81Aug 27th 2018 at 3:51:53 PM
Anachronic Order/Non-linear storytelling - advantages and disadvantages?Posts: 1Aug 27th 2018 at 5:07:13 AM
Satirical Sci-Fi Worldbuilding- critiques of contemporary society embedded in worldbuildingPosts: 2Aug 22nd 2018 at 2:34:04 PM
Which Creatures Would You Have Inhabiting the Void Between the Worlds?Posts: 11Aug 18th 2018 at 3:12:28 PM
Game MechanicsPosts: 46Aug 15th 2018 at 4:46:45 PM
Alternate history scenarios, ideas, general questions and miscellaneous points
Posts: 189Aug 4th 2018 at 7:42:58 PM
Making a world from coffee stains.Posts: 9Jul 25th 2018 at 6:26:43 AM
Historical, Alternate History, Modern Era or Future Tech, Weapons, Vehicles, Equipment and TacticsPosts: 708Jul 24th 2018 at 7:10:15 PM
Would a fantasy world where mindless, destructive monsters roam the land be too cliché?Posts: 6Jul 21st 2018 at 7:14:42 PM
What should be the role of familiars in a society of witches?Posts: 4Jul 19th 2018 at 11:01:11 AM
Post Apocalyptic FeudalismPosts: 20Jul 18th 2018 at 6:01:45 PM
What is the age of consent in your world, and what is sex ed like?Posts: 21Jul 17th 2018 at 11:53:04 PM
Jazz music and culture in a fantasy setting with 15th-16th century technologyPosts: 2Jul 15th 2018 at 2:53:47 PM
What do you think of the idea of demons being entirely separate beings from angels?Posts: 15Jul 11th 2018 at 1:07:51 PM
Spacefaring empire to scattered tribes, can it work and how?Posts: 24Jul 9th 2018 at 3:54:40 PM
Two Questions About My SettingPosts: 13Jul 8th 2018 at 10:29:04 PM
Advice For A Dystopian StoryPosts: 4Jul 5th 2018 at 8:13:45 PM
deconstructing the virgin birth tropePosts: 6Jul 4th 2018 at 12:05:44 PM
What would life look like on a planet with three suns?Posts: 18Jun 26th 2018 at 7:32:26 PM
The religion of BaphometPosts: 1Jun 26th 2018 at 4:11:35 PM
Writing Shin Megami Tensei/High School DxD crossover.Posts: 1Jun 19th 2018 at 2:47:38 AM
Resources for Weather PatternsPosts: 2Jun 16th 2018 at 12:32:45 PM
Fleshing Out Nations ThreadPosts: 3Jun 15th 2018 at 12:11:16 PM
Aliens on the far side of the moon?Posts: 5Jun 13th 2018 at 6:11:29 PM
[Discussion] Supplanting Or Co-Opting Real World LocationsPosts: 1Jun 11th 2018 at 11:48:22 PM
Private Eye vs. Police DetectivePosts: 6Jun 11th 2018 at 2:56:50 PM
Artificial gravity 2.0Posts: 55Jun 11th 2018 at 1:44:20 PM
Marinating MeatPosts: 4Jun 5th 2018 at 8:16:34 PM
My character accidentally looks like...Posts: 22May 31st 2018 at 9:09:21 PM
Magical OxidationPosts: 5May 28th 2018 at 7:33:02 PM
Hitting the Uncanny Valley with an Emotionless Girl, in-text and relying, at least initially, on the Iceberg PrinciplePosts: 37May 27th 2018 at 2:17:55 PM
How do you write a good AlternateTimeline and timeline-writing in general, plus one question on continuity?Posts: 1May 26th 2018 at 1:13:16 PM
Creating an evil overlord who isn't "excessively" evilPosts: 12May 24th 2018 at 11:32:41 AM
Possibilities for a character with psychic control over bloodPosts: 9May 22nd 2018 at 5:39:54 PM
Post-Apocalyptic AH "Fantasy" WorldPosts: 9May 21st 2018 at 1:05:07 PM
Ideas for a Story that Deconstructs/Takes to Logical Extremes Fantasy Tropes and ConceptsPosts: 39May 18th 2018 at 9:07:52 AM
Why have elves?: Is there any point to have fantasy races in my setting.Posts: 13May 9th 2018 at 2:42:15 PM
Help with my superhero storyPosts: 8May 8th 2018 at 2:58:08 PM
The Psychology of Plant AliensPosts: 8May 3rd 2018 at 10:29:14 PM
How to avoid making non-human characters seem too human?Posts: 23Apr 29th 2018 at 9:46:08 AM
How would a Super Registration Act work?Posts: 56Apr 25th 2018 at 9:34:40 AM
What Do You Think of This Origin Idea for Demons?Posts: 14Apr 20th 2018 at 7:08:20 PM
Would a matriarchal society develop if women had the biological ability to control their reproductive process?Posts: 15Apr 19th 2018 at 9:49:35 AM
FictionalCountry stand-ins for real-ones, how to make them different from real-world?Posts: 2Apr 17th 2018 at 12:20:38 AM
Fantasy World Cultures Questions ThreadPosts: 854Apr 16th 2018 at 11:04:02 PM
Oxygen Holocaust in Space?Posts: 18Apr 15th 2018 at 3:29:11 PM
States of Matter, States of TimePosts: 7Apr 13th 2018 at 8:01:58 PM
Help in setting up a winged elf femalePosts: 16Apr 10th 2018 at 1:10:31 PM
“The Building Tales” (magical realism/black comedy)Posts: 2Apr 10th 2018 at 10:14:00 AM
Global response to a second civil war.Posts: 7Apr 7th 2018 at 6:34:26 AM
Constructing a futuristic setting with a "world governement"Posts: 6Apr 5th 2018 at 5:53:47 PM
Mixing civilization threadPosts: 3Apr 4th 2018 at 7:13:20 PM
The Immortal ChairmanPosts: 8Apr 4th 2018 at 6:55:23 AM
Rpg idea: An anthro insect settingPosts: 8Apr 3rd 2018 at 6:01:53 PM
What If a High Fantasy Setting Developed Into a Modern Society?Posts: 10Mar 29th 2018 at 12:08:19 AM
Advice for a "Modern Fantasy" StoryPosts: 12Mar 22nd 2018 at 7:49:06 AM
How to make a fictional version of Earth?Posts: 6Mar 14th 2018 at 2:56:14 AM
Intentional Culture Chop SueyPosts: 3Mar 12th 2018 at 5:35:22 PM
How Would a Proud Scholar Race Come AboutPosts: 5Mar 11th 2018 at 12:16:59 PM
Inverse stereotypes of masculine and feminine traits Posts: 4Mar 11th 2018 at 11:15:06 AM
RPG Idea: Fantasy Culture Counterpart Of Communist China Tries To Control The Reincarnation Posts: 8Mar 7th 2018 at 2:14:29 AM
Adapting to a World with Long Day/ Night CyclesPosts: 13Mar 5th 2018 at 8:15:33 PM
Eldritch Abominations in Real LifePosts: 107Mar 4th 2018 at 7:41:42 AM
Why would a higher magical affinity make carrying girls to term longer for a mother?Posts: 6Feb 28th 2018 at 4:12:21 AM
Eldritch Abominations. Does Christianity Do Them Better?Posts: 37Feb 25th 2018 at 10:54:55 AM
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