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Jackass 3DPosts: 5Oct 18th 2010 at 8:13:45 AM
Science is good versus Science is badPosts: 12Oct 16th 2010 at 11:54:03 PM
French horror/suspense filmsPosts: 1Oct 16th 2010 at 11:32:25 PM
Live Action/CGI Bugs Bunny Film In The WorksPosts: 41Oct 15th 2010 at 3:11:33 AM
Zanikly Svet Rukavic aka The Vanished World Of GlovesPosts: 3Oct 14th 2010 at 10:08:30 PM
Sherlock Holmes Vs. Dinosaurs. And Robots. And Dragons.Posts: 19Oct 13th 2010 at 4:09:45 PM
So, who's seen "Lovely Bones"?Posts: 16Oct 13th 2010 at 4:25:26 AM
Why all the Michael Cera hate anyways? Posts: 59Oct 13th 2010 at 2:49:35 AM
Actor Role ReactionsPosts: 1Oct 10th 2010 at 10:05:08 PM
I will now spoil every Godzilla filmPosts: 8Oct 9th 2010 at 6:08:35 PM
Awesome Video/DVD shop findsPosts: 18Oct 9th 2010 at 5:51:01 PM
Let Me InPosts: 9Oct 9th 2010 at 2:54:58 PM
SaltPosts: 10Oct 8th 2010 at 2:51:54 AM
Worst Netflix BlurbPosts: 22Oct 4th 2010 at 4:15:16 PM
Underground Comedy 2010 aka Vince Shlomi/Offer attempts to directPosts: 9Oct 3rd 2010 at 12:44:15 PM
Empire of the SunPosts: 1Oct 2nd 2010 at 6:39:50 PM
Easy APosts: 28Oct 2nd 2010 at 6:07:22 PM
Fridge Logic in Fight Club...?Posts: 10Oct 2nd 2010 at 2:28:01 PM
Magic Kingdom- The MoviePosts: 12Oct 2nd 2010 at 9:58:27 AM
Long running movie franchisesPosts: 3Sep 27th 2010 at 5:49:42 PM
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